Why Is There No Calculator on the iPad?

With the calculator being used frequently by a person of every age group – be it a student or a professional, you might wonder why there is no calculator on the iPad. After all, calculators have indeed become a part of our lives!

Why Is There No-Calculator on the Ipad?

Apple never does things that are straightforward. Not having a calculator on the iPad was a calculative risk they took. The reason there is no calculator on the iPad is that Apple believes they do not want a generic basic app for calculators but rather an app that will blow everyone’s mind.

The calculator has not been a part of the iPad since its debut in 2010. Apple does offer calculators in their iPhones and Smartwatch. 

Believe it or not, the calculator was part of the first iPad when they were in production. But Steve Jobs pulled the app because he didn’t like the design of the calculator app! He asked his then software engineer Scott Forstall to redesign the app as it looked stretched. 

But with the iPad being introduced within a couple of weeks, Forstall was given an ultimatum of either redesigning the app in those couple of weeks or remove the calculator app completely. Forstall knew he wouldn’t be able to get a completely new redesigned app off the ground and work in the limited time he was offered.

And so, just like that, Steve Jobs decided to just remove the app from the iPad. 

Even after the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple had the best part of the decade to rectify the calculator dilemma but they still remain undecided on it. 

During an interview, one of the Apple executives stated that they will either develop a calculator app that will be way different than others or they will just not include the calculator moving forward. 

Apple has always been known to be a trend-setter rather than a trend follower. So, I wouldn’t hold my breath for Apple to insert a calculator app anytime soon unless they develop an indigenous calculator app in the near future.

Where Is the Calculator App on the Ipad?

There is no default calculator app on the iPad. Apple has not developed a calculator app for their iPad’s although there are calculator apps on iPhone and Apple Watch. 

Steve Jobs didn’t like the original calculator app on the debuting first iPad, as he thought the app was stretching a bit so he removed the app altogether and to this day they still haven’t developed a calculator app.

While there is no official calculator app on the iPad, you can download third-party calculator apps from the Apple play store. There are lots of options for calculators on the app store and you can download any one according to your own taste. 

However, a big downside of downloading a third-party app is the advertisement that pops up or accompanies the app throughout. It can be annoying to use the third-party app for that reason as by chance you click on the ad and the browser opens the ad home page. 

One other way to use a calculator is Siri. First, you have to enable Siri, go to the settings, and enable Siri. Once Siri is enabled then use the “Hey Siri” command and ask Siri to calculate the sum or query you have. It is also one of the easier and quicker ways to use a calculator alternative. A voice command relieves you from typing and rather just uses your voice to solve the problem. 

The majority of the people who own iPads make use of Siri as a calculator rather than downloading a third-party app.

How Do I Get a Calculator on My Ipad?

You can download free third-party calculator apps on your iPad if you really want a calculator. Considering the calculator app is not available as a default app on the iPad, third-party apps or Siri is a good alternative to have.

Is There a Free Calculator App for Ipad Without Ads?

We did some research and we did come up with a few third-party calculator apps that come without ads. Let’s take a look at some of those apps.

  • Calculator +(Best free calculator app)

Appstore Link:  https://apps.apple.com/in/app/the-calculator/id398129933

  • Calcbot (Scientific calculator)

Appstore Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/calcbot-2/id376694347

  • MyScript Calculator (Hand-written calculator where you can handwrite the problem on the screen and the calculator will display the answer)

Appstore Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/myscript-calculator/id1304488725

  • PhotoMath (Turn on the camera and put it on the equation or problem you want to solve, the camera will capture the problem and display the answer below)

Appstore Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/photomath/id919087726

Final Verdict

iPad does not have a default Calculator app by choice and for some people, it is a minor drawback as they might require a calculator app from time to time or for daily use which may consist of business, groceries, fantasy leagues, and other things. 

While there is no default calculator app, it is always a relief that you can get a third-party app as an alternative. Not having a calculator won’t deter you from buying an iPad especially when you can download free third-party apps from the Apple play store. 

We sure hope that Apple moving forward does include a default calculator app in their iPad but if they do not then we have given ample alternatives with third-party apps as well as the use of Siri to solve the problems. 

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