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This blog is wirtten and produced by, Ernests Embutnieks. It’s about tablet computers (Android tablets, iPad OS tablets, etc.). I review them, I rank them and I write helpful guides about them.

From time to time a guest author publishes an article or two on this blog and they are fully credited.

About Me

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I was born in Latvia, Liepaja. Where I’ve spent most of my life. I’ve lived in Denmark, where I studied Marketing in Lillebaelt Academy. I’ve also lived 6-months in Spain, Malaga.

After college I’ve worked in companies like: Dentsu Aegis Network, iProspect. DigiPulse. SunFinance. VIASMS group.

I’ve been involved and founded some of the websites: worldoftablet.com, wolfofdesk.com, perfectgift4.com.

I’ve been featured and mentioned of websites like: techradar.com, gsmarena.com, tomsguide.com, androidauthority.com, androidpolice.com, etc.

Connect With Me

If you have any questions or suggestions or just want to say “Hello”, you can get in touch with me on social media. You can reach me on X(formerly known as Twitter), Instagram.

Now a fan of social media? Send me an email: ernests@wolfoftablet.com

About This Site

Few years ago I started a website: worldoftablet.com later on I had to sell that site for personal reasons. After the sale I realised that I liked running a blog and I miss it and I started this website: wolfoftablet.com where I review tablet computers, where I rank them in specific categories and create lists for specific audiences. I also create helpful guides, where I help people solve simple problems.

In the future there will also be newsletter, where you can signup and receive the best tablet deals of the week/month.

Why I Started?

Websites like CNET.com, techradar.com, tomsguide.com, androidcentral.com, androidauthority.com, pcmag.com, rtings.com, and laptopmag.com were huge inspirations for me to start my own website.

When I was buying my first iPad, I was doing a lot of research, as people usually do, and I stumbled upon very broad information: the specs of the tablet and a small summary of the manufacturer. However, I wanted more specific information that wasn’t available. When I looked at tablet reviews and the author explained what sort of processor the tablet had, it meant nothing to me. All I wanted to know was whether the processor would be powerful enough for me to play games and use demanding apps.

That’s sort of why I create my tablet reviews in this specific way, where I give them ranks from 1 to 10 based on how good they are for specific tasks. Because I had this idea that people don’t really care about the processor’s name (at least I don’t) or RAM as long as it can do what you want it to do.

Technical Aspects of Site

The website runs on WordPress.org on Veen Theme. The website is using plugins like: rankmath, WP Rocket, Molongui Authorship, LuckyWP Table of Contents, Polylang and we use third-party services from affiliatable.io. The website is hosted on Cloudways.


I believe in full transparency with my readers. Some of my posts contain so-called affiliate links. If a person clicks on the link and makes a purchase, I receive a small commission. There’s no additional cost to the buyers.


Wolfoftablet.com is a tablet computer media company that’s is registered as LLC, Wolf Of Tech.

Registered in Latvia. Registration nr – 40203375093. Trijadibas iela 4A, Riga, LV-1048

From income we make from affiliate programs and displays ads (Google Adsense) we pay taxes.

Founder & Chief Editor | ernests@wolfoftablet.com

I'm a writer and editor in iPads & Android Tablets, Windows Tablet section. I'm passionate about technology, especially about tablets. I'm on a mission to assist people in discovering their ideal tablets. In addition, I'm dedicated to producing helpful how-to guides and sharing top-notch tips and tricks. In my early carrier I founded and became and editor at worldoftablet and have been a guest author at many other tech blogs. In wolfoftablet I'm focusing on iPads, Tablets, Apple Pencil, Apps, Reviews, Buyers Guides and Tablet Accessories. In free time I like to play games on my PS5 or iOS.