The newest iPad tablets measure between 8.3 and 12.9 inches and work on Apple’s iOS system. The first iPad came out in 2010, and several such product lines have been released over the years, including the original iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini. 

These portable gadgets work like a small PC and can be used for a wide range of tasks. People often use them for work, gaming, watching movies, creating art, taking notes, editing photos, and browsing social media, etc. Each iPad model has unique features that make it more or less suitable for a specific purpose. 

Because Apple has such a large selection of iPad OS tablets for sale, it can be challenging to choose your own, especially if you want it for a particular activity. This guide will present different tablet models, their features, and what they’re best used for, so let’s get started. 

iPad Pro 12.9-inch
Best iPad Overall

iPad Pro 12.9-inch

  • Released: 2022, October
  • Price: Starting from $1099
  • Screen Size: Large (12.9-inches)
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Apple iPad Pro 12.9 was released in 2022, featuring a 10,758 mAh non-removable battery with up to 10 hours of life, a 12.9-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, and a 2048×2732 screen resolution. This iPad runs on iPadOS 16.1 and can be updated to iPadOS 17.3.1. It operates on an octa-core Apple M2 chipset. 

The iPad model can be purchased in different storage options. It’s available in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB. There’s no memory card slot, though. Also, the RAM changes with each storage alternative. You get 8GB RAM for all storage versions below 1TB. Meanwhile, for 1TB and 2TB, you get 16GB RAM. Cellular connectivity is also available, and you get 5G connectivity too. 

There are 4 stereo speakers in total, but no 3.5mm sound jack. Furthermore, the device has a main camera and a selfie camera. The main one has a 12 MP wide lens and a 10 MP ultrawide one. As for the selfie one, it’s a 12 MP ultrawide camera. Biometrical authentication is a feature available with this tablet, as it lets you turn on Face ID to unlock the screen. 

The tablet is compatible with the Apple Pencil as well. It works with Apple Pencil Gen 2, as well as Apple Pencil USB-C. 

The Apple iPad Pro 12.9 has an aluminum back and frame, as well as a glass front. Also, you can purchase it in Silver or Space Gray shades. 

  • Great for all purposes
  • Large screen
  • High storage space


  • It’s very expensive
  • There’s no memory card slot
  • It’s on the heavy side


iPad Pro 11-inch

iPad Pro 11-inch

  • Released: 2022, October
  • Price: Starting from $799
  • Screen Size: Medium (11-inches)
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The Apple iPad Pro 11’s newest version came out in 2022. It features an 11.0-inch screen with a resolution of 1668×2388 pixels and a 120Hz refresh rate. On top of having biometric authentication possible via Face ID, this model also provides cellular connectivity. You can use it with a nano-SIM or an eSIM. 

This device is available in several storage space options. That being said, you can get it in 128GB with 8GB RAM, 256GB with 8GB RAM, 512GB with 8GB RAM, 1TB with 16GB RAM, or 2TB with 16GB RAM. It runs on an octa-core Apple M2 GPU and is also compatible with Apple Pencil Gen 2 and Apple Pencil USB-C. 

The iPad model has 4 stereo speakers and two cameras. There’s one 12MP wide and 10MP ultrawide main camera with quad-LED dual-tone flash, as well as a 12MP selfie camera with face detection. 

The 7,538 mAh battery is non-removable and can last up to 10 hours, depending on use. The iPad Pro 11 is available in Space Grey and Silver. Also, it can operate on iPadOS 16.1 all the way to iPadOS 17.3.1. The iPad OS updates will be available for several years.

  • Scratch-resistant display
  • Has cellular connectivity
  • High storage space
  • It’s expensive
  • Smaller screen in comparison to 12.9-inch
  • Awkward camera placement


iPad Air
Most Optimal Choice

iPad Air

  • Released: 2022, October
  • Price: Starting from $599
  • Screen Size: Medium (10.9-inches)
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Apple iPad Air was released in 2022, having a 1640×2360-pixel resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. The 10.9-inch display is scratch-resistant and has an oleophobic coating. 

This iPad model operates on iPadOS 15.4, and you can upgrade it all the way to iPadOS 17.3.1. It works on an octa-core Apple M1 GPU, and it has cellular connectivity, working with a nano-SIM and eSIM. 

Only two memory options are available for this iPad model, 64GB and 256GB, respectively. It doesn’t have a memory card slot, either. Also, the tablet has 8GB RAM. 

The iPad was provided with a 12MP wide main camera with dual pixel PDAF for pictures. There’s an ultrawide 12MP selfie camera as well. Moreover, the iPad uses two stereo speakers. 

The non-removable battery measures 7,600 mAh, which lasts up to 8 hours, depending on your tasks. The tablet can be used for drawing because it is compatible with Apple Pencil Gen 2 and Apple Pencil USB-C. For extra security, it lets you use fingerprint authentication.  

You can get the Apple iPad Air in Starlight, Blue, Purple, Pink, and Space Gray colors. 

  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • It has cellular connectivity
  • It can be upgraded to iPadOS 17+


  • Limited storage options
  • Has no Face ID
  • Smaller screen and refresh rate


iPad Mini
Most Compact iPad

iPad Mini

  • Released: 2021, September
  • Price: Starting from $499
  • Screen Size: Small (8.3-inches)
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If you want a more portable tablet, the Apple iPad Mini has a small 8.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1488×2266 pixels and a refresh rate of 60Hz. This tablet model can run on iPadOS 15 and be upgraded to iPadOS 17.3.1. It can be unlocked with a fingerprint for more safety and is also compatible with Apple Pencil USB-C and 2nd gen. 

It can work with an eSIM and nano-SIM, providing cellular support. The non-removable battery is 5,124mAh, lasting up to 10 hours. It has two stereo speakers, as well as two cameras. The main camera is 12MP wide, and the selfie camera is 12 MP ultrawide. 

The device runs on a Hexa-core Apple A15 Bionic processor and has two storage space options available: 64GB and 256GB. They both come with 4GB RAM.

  • Portable device
  • More affordable than other models
  • Can be upgraded to iPadOS 17+
  • No memory card slot
  • The screen is smaller
  • Limited storage space options


Cheapest iPad


  • Released: 2022, October
  • Price: Starting from $459
  • Screen Size: Medium (10.9-inches)
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The Apple iPad, which runs on a hexa-core Apple A14 Bionic GPU, comes with a 10.9-inch screen and 1640×2360-pixel resolution, as well as a refresh rate of 60Hz. Cellular connectivity is available thanks to nano-SIM and eSIM support. The device works on iPadOS 16.1, up to iPadOS 17.3.1. 

This tablet, which was released in 2022, only comes with 64GB or 256GB storage space. Also, it has 4GB RAM. It features two stereo speakers, as well as two cameras. Both the main camera and the selfie camera are 12 MP, except the main one is wide, and the selfie camera is ultrawide. 

It’s compatible with the 1st Gen Apple Pencil and USB-C Apple Pencil. Users can unlock it with their fingerprints, making it more secure for storing files. 

The non-removable battery is 7,606 mAh and can last up to 10 hours. 

  • Compatible with Apple Pencil
  • Decent battery life
  • Affordable device
  • Limited storage space options
  • No card slot offered
  • Only has 1st gen stylus support

Comparison Chart

iPad ModelApple iPad Pro 12.9Apple iPad Pro 11Apple iPad AirApple iPad MiniApple iPad
OSIPadOS 16.1, up to iPadOS 17.3.1IPadOS 16.1, up to iPadOS 17.3.1iPadOS 15.4, up to iPadOS 17.3.1iPa dOS 15, up to iPadOS 17.3.1iPadOS 16.1, up to iPadOS 17.3.1
Release Year20222022202220212022
Screen Size12.9 inches11.0 inches10.9 inches8.3 inches10.9 inches
Display Quality2048×2732 pixels1668×2388 pixels1640×2360 pixels1488×2266 pixels1640×2360 pixels
Refresh Rate120Hz120 Hz60Hz60Hz60 Hz
ProcessorApple M2Apple M2Apple M1Apple A15 BionicApple A14 Bionic
Battery LifeUp to 10 hoursUp to 10 hoursUp to 8 hoursUp to 10 hoursUp to 10 hours
Max Storage2TB2 TB256GB256GB256 GB
Cellular ConnectivityYesYesYesYesYes
Camera QualityMediumMediumMediumMediumMedium
Speakers4 stereo speakers4 stereo speakers2 stereo speakers2 stereo speakers2 stereo speakers
Biometrical AuthenticationFace IDFace IDFingerprintFingerprintFingerprint
Pencil CompatibilityCompatible Apple Pencil Gen 2 and Apple Pencil USB-CCompatible Apple Pencil Gen 2 and Apple Pencil USB-CCompatible Apple Pencil Gen 2 and Apple Pencil USB-CCompatible Apple Pencil Gen 2 and Apple Pencil USB-CCompatible Apple Pencil Gen 1 and Apple Pencil USB-C

What Is an iPad?

iPads are touchscreen tablet-sized devices running on iPadOS, Apple’s operating system. These units were introduced for the very first time on January 27, 2010. 

At first, iPads ran on iOS, just like iPhones. However, in 2019, when iOS 13 was launched, Apple also released iPadOS 13 for its tablets. The new operating system was customized for the larger iPad screens and offered better support for the tablets’ hardware. 

iPads became popular due to their multitasking features and things like drag and drop, file management, and picture-in-picture. 

Nowadays, there are 4 different product lines for the iPads: the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and the original iPad. They are available in various storage space options and different colors. 

Which iPad Is the Best?

There are a lot of good iPads on the market, and any model you buy is guaranteed to bring you top features. However, here are the top 5 iPad versions:

1. Apple iPad Pro 12.9

2. Apple iPad Pro 11

3. Apple iPad Air

4. Apple iPad Mini

5. Apple iPad

Criteria We Used to Find the Best iPads

It can be challenging to choose your own iPad if this is the first time you’re about to buy one. We’ve compiled a list of the best iPads you can get at the moment. Here are the criteria we took into account when choosing these models:

  • Screen Size – The size of the screen will directly influence your visibility when performing certain tasks. Having a bigger screen means you can see more details and in better quality, particularly when watching films, playing games, creating games, or even working. 
  • Refresh Rate – Your iPad’s refresh rate impacts how smooth and realistic the image will be, and how good the performance will be. It’s a crucial element when you’re playing games on your tablet or watching films. 
  • Display Quality – The better the screen is, the more details you can see when using the tablet. A qualitative display will enable you to see everything in better resolution.
  • Processing Power – We also looked at how easy and quick it is for the tablet to process information. This can influence the performance of your device. 
  • Battery Life – More battery life means you will not rely on a charger whenever you want to perform the simplest tasks on your device. A powerful battery will allow you to use the tablet on the go, regardless of your tasks. 
  • Storage Capacity – We looked into tablets with different storage capacity options so you can choose the one that suits your needs the most. Whether you want to store photos, art, music, or download the newest episodes of your favorite show, you want a unit that can store everything without running out of space. 
  • Camera – A good camera lets you capture important moments of your life. We looked for iPads with high-quality cameras so you can take pictures of places you visit or some good selfies. 
  • Biometrical Authentication – Apple’s biometrical authentication feature provides more security for your tablet, requiring your fingerprint or face to unlock your screen. It’s an added safety measure when storing important files and data. 
  • Speakers – If you love watching movies or playing video games, having good speakers is a requirement, and that’s why we couldn’t ignore this aspect when making our iPad selection. 
  • Apple Pencil Compatibility – We searched for iPads compatible with Apple Pencil. This feature is necessary for artists and people who use their tablets for work or to take notes. 

What Can You Do on an iPad?

iPads are useful for a wide range of activities. Depending on your preferences, you can choose an iPad that suits your goals and hobbies. 

  • Games
  • Reading
  • Drawing
  • Video-Calls
  • Presentations
  • Editing Photos
  • Editing Videos
  • Watching Movies
  • Watching TV Shows
  • Taking Online Lectures
  • Taking Handwritten Notes
  • Control Your Smart Gadgets

 Which iPad Should You Buy?

buying an ipad- which one to choose

Before you purchase an iPad, you should know which one is the most suitable for you. Here are the main models and their uses:

  • iPad Pro – This is the best for artists, power users, or professionals. For instance, students can use it to take notes or store books or academic materials. The tablet is also great for people who create digital art, as it has a large screen and stylus support. Moreover, it has journaling options that make writing easier for professional writers. 
  • iPad Air – If you’re a mainstream user who wants something more portable and affordable while looking for balance and performance, this is the unit for you. It can be suitable for students who simply want to take notes but also for families who wish to take photos or communicate through WhatsApp or other apps.
  • iPad Mini – This model is great for people seeking portability. For instance, its 8.3-inch screen makes it easy for kids to handle and for professional drivers and pilots to use it for its GPS capabilities.
  • iPad – This is your best gadget if you’re a new or cautious user. Seniors or teachers who don’t know how to operate such a tablet can purchase this thanks to its lower price. It’s also good for families who want a basic unit that can be used for photos and social media. 

Which iPad Is the Best for Creatives?

The iPad Pro 12.9 is the best tablet for creatives because it has a large 12.9-inch screen, as well as Apple Pencil Gen 2 and USB-C connectivity, making it easier to create digital illustrations and edit videos. Furthermore, its dual 12MP and 10MP main camera and 12MP ultrawide selfie camera make it perfect for high-quality pictures. 

Which iPad Is the Best for Students?

The iPad Pro 12.9 is the best option overall, but not all students need that much power. However, the iPad Air may be the best tablet for students because it’s cheaper and also compatible with Apple Pencil Gen 2 and Apple Pencil USB-C, allowing you to take notes more easily. It also has 256GB of storage space, which should be enough to store academic materials. 

Which iPad Is the Best for Gaming?

The iPad Mini is the best gaming tablet. However, the iPad Pro 12.9 and 11 are also great for connecting a controller. Not only do they have Bluetooth connection, but they also have larger screens of 12.9 inches and 11.0 inches, respectively, as well as a 120Hz refresh rate and a strong Apple M2 processor. As such, they can offer a much smoother gaming experience. 

Which iPad Is the Best for Movies?

The iPad Pro models are the best tablets for watching movies. This is because they have larger displays of 12.9 inches and 11 inches and 120Hz displays, providing a smoother image motion and, thus, a better experience. 

Which iPad Is the Best for Note-Taking?

The iPad Pro 12.9 is the best tablet for note-taking due to its large 12.9-inch screen, 120Hz refresh rate, and compatibility with Apple Pencil Gen 2 & Apple Pencil USB-C. This allows you to easily write and store content.

Which iPad Is the Cheapest?

The classic iPad – the 10th Generation Apple iPad – is the cheapest tablet. The price point starts at $449, making it a more affordable option. 

Which iPad Is the Best for Seniors?

The classic Apple iPad is the best tablet for seniors due to its lower price. However, iPad Air can also be recommended because it’s not expensive, it has the same 10.9-inch screen and the same 265GB storage capacity, with 8GB RAM instead of 4GB. 

Which iPads Have 120Hz Display?

iPad ModelRelease Year120Hz Display?
iPad Pro 10.52017Yes
iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd gen)2017Yes
iPad Pro 11-inch (1st gen)2018Yes
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd gen)2018Yes
iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd gen)2020Yes
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th gen)2020Yes
iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd gen)2021Yes
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th gen)2021Yes
iPad Pro 11-inch (4th gen)2022Yes
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th gen)2022Yes

The first iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st gen) featured only a 60Hz display, and after the release of the iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2nd gen, many considered that a worthy improvement and updated to a newer model.

Every iPad Pro model launched in and after 2017 boasts a high-refresh-rate 120Hz display.

What Is 120Hz Promotion Display and How Does It Work

Instead of your iPad showing 60 images per second, it will show 120 images per second.

  • Refresh Rate: The standard refresh rate of a display is measured in Hertz (Hz), indicating how many frames per second the screen can refresh. The newest iPad Pro models have a 120Hz Promotion Display, which means the display refreshes 120 times per second.
  • Adaptive Refresh Rate: The ProMotion display is adaptive, meaning it can dynamically adjust its refresh rate based on the displayed content. If you are going to view photos, the refresh rate will automatically drop to save battery life, and it will automatically ramp up when you watch videos or use Apple Pencil.

120Hz Promotion display means that everything on your iPad will look and feel smoother and more responsive. Whether you’re scrolling through web pages, playing games, or drawing with an Apple Pencil, a ProMotion display will reduce motion blur and latency, making everything feel more natural and faster.

If you enable low power mode on iPad, your iPad will automatically drop the refresh rate to 60hz.

60Hz vs 120Hz

  • 60Hz screen:

Will be more power-efficient and less expensive. It’s more adequate for general use, like web browsing, reading, emails, light gaming, etc.

But it will appear less smooth during fast movement, like gaming or scrolling.

  • 120Hz screen

You will have a smoother and more responsive display. It’s great for tasks that require precision – drawing, art, note-taking, competitive gaming, and video editing. You can also see the difference when watching videos or movies.

The 120Hz screens also have drawbacks. Your device will consume more power and make your iPad more expensive.

If you plan to buy an iPad for general use, I recommend saving money and going for a 60Hz screen, like iPad Air or iPad 10, or if you are in smaller screens, iPad Mini 6.

Which iPads Have eSIM?

iPad Model & GenRelease Year & MontheSIM
iPad Mini (3rd gen)2014, OctYes
iPad Air (2nd gen)2014, OctYes
iPad Mini (4th gen)2015, SepYes
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st gen)2015, NovYes
iPad Pro 9.7-inch2016, MarYes
iPad (5th gen)2017, MarYes
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd gen)2017, JunYes
iPad Pro 10.5-inch2017, JunYes
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd gen)2017, NovYes
iPad Pro 11-inch (1st gen)2017, NovYes
iPad (6th gen)2018, MarYes
iPad Mini (5th gen)2019, MarYes
iPad Air (3rd gen)2019, MarYes
iPad (7th gen)2019, SepYes
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th gen)2020, MarYes
iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd gen)2020, MarYes
iPad (8th gen)2020, SepYes
iPad Air (4th gen)2020, OctYes
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th gen)2021, MayYes
iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd gen)2021, MayYes
iPad Mini (6th gen)2021, SepYes
iPad (9th gen)2021, SepYes
iPad Air (5th gen)2022, MarYes
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th gen)2022, OctYes
iPad Pro 11-inch (4th gen)2022, OctYes
iPad (10th gen)2022, OctYes

What Are The Benefits of eSIM on iPads?

  • You can switch between different cellular carriers. It’s a great feature if you travel a lot.
  • You don’t need to be dependent on a WiFi network.
  • Cellular connectivity is more secure than public WiFi networks.
  • You have access to the internet at all times.

iPads with USB-C Port

Model NameRelease DateUSB-C Port?
iPad Pro (1st gen) 11-inchNov 7, 2018Yes
iPad Pro (3rd gen) 12.9-inchNov 7, 2018Yes
iPad Pro (2nd gen) 11-inchMar 25, 2020Yes
iPad Pro (4th gen) 12.9-inchMar 25, 2020Yes
iPad Air (4th gen)Oct 23, 2020Yes
iPad Pro (3rd gen) 11-inchMay 24, 2021Yes
iPad Pro (5th gen) 12.9-inchMay 24, 2021Yes
iPad Air (5th gen)Mar 18, 2022Yes
iPad Mini (6th gen)Sep 24, 2021Yes
iPad (10th gen)Oct 26, 2022Yes
iPad Pro (4th gen) 11-inchOct 26, 2022Yes
iPad Pro (6th gen) 12.9-inchOct 26, 2022Yes

All the latest iPads that have been released have switched to USB Type-C port. The last released iPad with a Lightning port was the iPad 9, which was released in 2021 September.

Advantages of USB-C Port in iPad

USB-C is a common connector that works with lots of different devices like laptops, phones, tablets, and monitors. This makes it easy to connect things without needing lots of different cables and adapters.

USB-C offers faster data transfers, quicker device charging, video output capabilities, accessory connections, and a reversible design. Allowing you to reduce cable clutter at your home.

Which iPads Have LiDAR?

Every iPad Pro Model launched after 2018 has a LiDAR scanner. iPad Pro 11-inch 1st generation and later and iPad Pro 12.9-inch 3rd generation and later.

iPad ModelRelease YearLiDAR?
iPad Pro 11-inch (1st gen)2018Yes
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd gen)2018Yes
iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd gen)2020Yes
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th gen)2020Yes
iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd gen)2021Yes
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th gen)2021Yes
iPad Pro 11-inch (4th gen)2022Yes
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th gen)2022Yes

iPad Pro is the only model with this technology, but you can choose between a screen size of 11 inches or 12.9 inches and the release year. The older iPad will be cheaper. You can also buy a refurbished iPad to lower the cost even more.

What Is LiDAR & How It Works

LiDAR operates by emitting laser beams to create 3D maps of the surrounding environment. It precisely measures the distance to objects and captures their shapes by analyzing the reflected laser.

This cutting-edge technology elevates multiple facets of the iPad’s performance, resulting in crisper photos and significantly swifter auto-focus capabilities. It can scan and map objects in 3D. It enhanced gaming experience by enabling more accurate depth sensing

Which iPads Have Headphone Jacks?

iPad ModelRelease DateHeadphone Jack
iPad (1st gen)April 3, 2010Yes
iPad (2nd gen)March 11, 2011Yes
iPad (3rd gen)March 7, 2012Yes
iPad (4th gen)October 23, 2012Yes
iPad Mini (1st gen)November 2, 2012Yes
iPad Air (1st gen)November 1, 2013Yes
iPad Mini (2nd gen)November 12, 2013Yes
iPad Mini (3rd gen)October 22, 2014Yes
iPad Air (2nd gen)October 22, 2014Yes
iPad Mini (4th gen)September 9, 2015Yes
iPad Pro (1st gen)November 11, 2015Yes
iPad (5th gen)March 21, 2017Yes
iPad Pro (2nd gen)June 13, 2017Yes
iPad (6th gen)March 27, 2018Yes
iPad Mini (5th gen)March 18, 2019Yes
iPad Air (3rd gen)March 18, 2019Yes
iPad (7th gen)September 25, 2019Yes
iPad (8th gen)September 15, 2020Yes
iPad (9th gen)September 14, 2021Yes

The last iPad with a 3.5mm headphone jack was the iPad 9. After that, every iPad no longer has this port.

Which iPads Have Flashlight

iPads have flashlights, but not all models. All iPad Pro models (except the iPad Pro 12.9-inch 1 generation) and iPad Mini 6 have the LED flashlight at the back of the iPad next to the camera.

iPad ProYes
iPad AirNo
iPad MiniYes

In the future, we might see some changes, and Apple might add this feature to other iPad models as well.

Alternatives to iPads


If an iPad is not suitable for you or perhaps you find it too expensive, there are some alternatives. You can choose a different OS, such as Android, Amazon Fire, Chrome, or Windows. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular models from each OS that you can choose instead of an iPad:

  • Android – Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra
  • Windows – Microsoft Surface Pro 9
  • Chrome OS – Lenovo Ideapad 5
  • Amazon Fire OS – Amazon Fire Max 11 

Who Uses iPads?

iPads are used by all categories of people. However, the most common users include:

  • Creative users, such as artists, videographers, photographers
  • Students, such as business, medical, art, and other students
  • Professionals, such as architects, journalists, writers, professional artists, and others

The iPads have a smooth performance, can be connected to an Apple Pencil, and have great cameras and sound quality, making them more than suitable for different groups of people. 

What Are the Differences Between a Refurbished iPad and a New iPad?

You can buy either a new iPad or a refurbished one. Here are the main differences between these options:

  • A new iPad is still sealed, whereas a refurbished one is a second-hand one that was used before
  • Refurbished iPads represent a more environmentally friendly choice than new ones
  • Refurbished iPads may show light signs of damage due to being second-hand, unlike new ones
  • New iPads are more expensive, while refurbished ones are more affordable


Can I connect an iPad with an iPhone?

You can connect your iPad to an iPhone via iCloud by linking both devices to the same account. 

Can I connect an iPad with an Android Phone?

You cannot directly connect an iPad with an Android phone, but you can use Bluetooth or services like Google or Dropbox to send files between the 2 devices.  

Can I connect an iPad with a MacBook?

You can connect an iPad with a MacBook via the USB cable provided with your iPad. 

Can I connect an iPad with a Windows Laptop?

Yes, you can connect an iPad with a Windows Laptop with a USB cable. 

Which Is the newest iPad?

The Apple iPad 10th Generation is the newest tablet from Apple. It was released in October 2022. 

Are there other tablet brands with iPad OS?

No, there are no other tablet brands with iPad OS. Apple created this operating system for its own devices, made specifically for its tablet’s hardware. 

What is the most popular operating system for tablets?

The 2 most popular OS for tablets are iPad OS and Android OS.

Can I use Microsoft apps on iPad?

Yes, Microsoft apps like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and others work on an iPad. 

Do iPads go on sale?

Yes, iPads go on sale. More often than not, they go on sale during Black Friday but may also go on sale at the end of the year. Apple usually offers very small discounts in comparison to Android tablets.

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