Is 32GB Storage Enough For iPad?

Discover whether 32GB storage is enough for you! Find out how much storage you are really getting when you are buying a 32GB iPad and whether it will be enough for you. Compare 32GB iPad with 128GB. Price, price per gigabyte, etc.

The 32GB iPad model falls under the Basic category, so it’s for users who only need a few apps and don’t plan on storing many media files. It’s perfect if you want to browse the internet, check your emails, watch some YouTube videos, or stream your favorite shows on Netflix, Max, Amazon Prime, etc.

Before we move on, here’s an important note: Apple no longer offers a 32GB storage option for their new iPads. The base model now starts at 64GB​​. However, if you’re considering a refurbished iPad, this article will still be useful for you.

How Much Storage Are You Really Getting?

When you purchase a 32GB iPad, the actual amount of storage available to you will be less than 32 GB.

The amount of available storage can vary. Depending on the iPad model you have and the iPad OS you have on. The operating system, system files, and pre-installed apps usually take up a significant portion of the storage capacity.

  • The newest iPad OS will take approximately 6.5GB
  • The system data will take up approximately 5GB (sometimes more)

So, when you buy a 32GB iPad, you are not getting 32GB of free storage space; you are getting approximately 20GB of free storage space.

For Who Is It For?

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32GB iPad is perfect for users that are looking to download few apps and games on their device. Have a few media files like photos, videos, audio files, etc. Want to surf the internet, browse the social media apps and watch movies on streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Disnet, etc.

It won’t be enough for people who want to store large amounts of media on their devices to download many apps and store movies and music on their devices.

32GB iPad vs 128GB iPad

The key features distinguishing the 32GB iPad from its 128GB counterpart. The price and the price per gigabyte. Storage capacity is the only things that changes, specs, RAM and everything else is identical.


The iPad 8th gen, which was released in September 2020, had two storage options: 32GB and 128 GB. The starting price, when it was released was $319 for the 32GB option, now you can get a refurbished iPad for $269 (price reduction)


Price Per Gigabyte


Another way to look at the price is to calculate how much does a Gigabyte of storage cost. If you calculate in that sense, you do get a much better deal.

What Can You Store In 32GB iPad?

In 32GB iPad you can store: apps, games, photos, videos, music, documents, notes, etc. The exact amount depends on the size of the documents.

Note: iPad’s operating system and pre-installed apps also use up some of the storage space.

How Many Apps & Games You Can Store?

The number of apps and games you can store on a 32GB iPad can vary widely depending on the app and game you would like to download.

Apps: Apps can range in size from a few megabytes to several gigabytes. On average, if we consider an app size of around 100MB. Since 32GB has around 20GB of storage after default apps, system data and operating system you could store around 200 apps on it.

How Many Movies You Can Store?

The number of movies and TV shows you can store on a 32GB iPad can vary widely depending on the quality of the video files. Movies you can download on Netflix weigh, on average, 600-900MB. The average being 750MB.

Since 32GB has around 20GB of storage after default apps, system data, and operating system, you can store approximately 27 movies.

Conclusion: Will 32GB iPads be enough in 2024?

The 32GB iPad storage model will be enough for users who want to have a few apps, games, and media files on their devices. Users can also browse the internet social media and watch movies and TV shows using streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Spotify, Disney, etc


Is 32GB iPad Enough For Students?

Yes, a 32GB iPad might suffice for students who need a few study apps and wish to take notes on their iPad. However, if a student requires a substantial number of apps, it’s advisable to opt for a larger storage capacity.

Is 32GB iPad Enough For Kids?

Yes, 32GB iPad can be enough for kids, that only wish to play few games on their device and watch gaming content on their device.

Can You Upgrade 32GB iPad To 64GB iPad?

No, it’s not possible to upgrade iPads physical storage capacity, however it’s possible to purchase cloud storage on your iPad, where you can store media files.

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