why are iphones more expensive than ipads

Why Are iPads Cheaper Than iPhones? 

With the introduction of the iPad in 2012, fanatics at that point flocked to stores considering the large tablet as an alternative to the iPhone. However, with the bifurcation now more apparent than ever, why … Read more

which ipads have headphone jacks_

Do iPads Have Headphone Jacks?

Apple is known for its continuous improvements and innovations. So when they announced that iPhone 7 doesn’t feature a headphone jack, it was clear this was a brand new trend. The technology behind headphone jacks … Read more

turning on flash on ipad

Do iPads Have a Flashlight?

If your iPad has a rear camera flash then your device also has a flashlight. You might have problems finding the icon on your device and I’m going to show you have you can turn … Read more