About Us – Our Story

My name is Ernests and I created this website in order to help people with their iPads and Android tablets. It started off by creating simple guides such as: How to screenshot on iPad, How to stop your iPad from dimming, etc. We noticed that these are basic problems people face every day and we can solve their problems in minutes and sometimes even in seconds.

I bought my first iPad way back in 2018, and I remember facing a problem where I didn’t know how to take a Screenshot on iPad because it no longer had a home button. I figured I will just Google this problem and it didn’t help all the articles and videos were so unhelpful, I didn’t want to read a 2000-word article just to learn how to take a screenshot on my iPad, that felt ridiculous, and a 5 minute long videos.

I figured I could create much better content around iPads & Android tablets. Content that would actually help people solve their problems quickly.

That’s how WolfofTablet.com was created. I bought the domain and started creating quick & easy guides for iPad users and Android tablet users after a while I hired a Freelance writer Saad to help me with the workload and we soon started writing reviews for all the tablets we could get our hands on and soon after that we started writing “buyer’s guides.”

We received a couple of questions like “Which is the best tablet for Netflix” and we figured it’s a good opportunity to write an article about it and how we chose these tablets.

If people want to watch Netflix & YouTube on their iPads and Tablets the tablet needs a great resolution, a big screen, long battery life, and good audio based on these factors we ranked the tablets and we did it for multiple categories.

Few years later we see that people are starting to appreciate our content on a bigger scale.

Now we are also creating YouTube shorts to help people solve their problems even faster.

Who are we?

Ernests – Founder and Chief Editor. None of the articles gets past me. Lately, I’m getting a lot of help from my writers and I have become more of an Editor.

I love tech and I think if you use it right it makes your life better and definitely more productive, but you can’t allow the technology to start using you. I’m an iPad Pro user, iPhone user, and MacBook user.

I create guides, write reviews and create “best list articles”, because I’ve been in the position where I can’t find helpful information.

Saad – Originally I hired Saad just to help me out with the workload via Upwork and now he has become a huge part of WolfofTablet. He writes guides like no one else, he goes deep into people’s problems and the intent and tries to provide simple and quick solutions while also putting in a funny pun or two in the article. As he says “You need to enjoy what you do and have fun while you work”

Tosin – Our content was doing good, and people seemed to love it, and I figured I should translate it to other languages. I had a basic knowledge of German since I studied it in school(I went to German school), but I didn’t have enough time to translate it and I found Tosin, who helped WolfofTablet to be translated into German.

Frances – We had a lot of quick & easy guide articles on our website and we noticed that some people require a video tutorial and I found Frances on UpWork and she has amazing skill on turning our quick & easy guides into short YouTube videos.

Mohaimin – Our newest member. Mohaimin is a very dedicated and hard-working person trying to get his law degree and meanwhile helping others by writing helpful guides for Android and iPad users. He owns both an Android Tablet and iPad and he goes deep into research and tried to understand users problems I believe that helps him write articles that are truly helpful.

Why are we doing this?

I saw an opportunity to create content that helps people solve their problems – it costs them nothing. But in return, I can display ads on my website and receive a small commission for each product our reader buys.

We give unbiased opinions on the latest tablets and iPad and we create simple guides. We like to think that it helps people just a little bit.

We’re sure that we help people save some times, when they read our guides they have given them few more seconds to their lives.

That’s what we’re trying to focus on – saving time. If you read our guides and our buyers guide – you won’t find any irrelevant information, we always write our articles straight to the point, so you can solve your problems as fast as possible and go back to your life.

We take pride in that. We make our article simple and accessible to anyone.

What’s our rating process?

We’ve done a lot of research, and we will continue to do so. We always try to come up with solid criteria when writing top articles.

We rate tablets on a scale from 1 to 10. We put all of these devices in these categories

How Good Is It For Movies? (1-10)
How Good Is It For Note-Taking? (1-10)
How Good Is It For Drawing? (1-10)
How Good Is It For Gaming? (1-10)
How Good Is It For Reading? (1-10)
How Good Is It For Photo-Editing? (1-10)
How Good Is It For Video Calls? (1-10)
How Good Is It For Social Media/Web? (1-10)

Is it a perfect rating process? It’s debatable. Not all of the tablets are made for drawing, and they will get a 1 in that category, doesn’t mean it’s a bad tablet. It’s just a strategy we use to determine the overall score for the tablet and we want to be honest with our readers.

Are we objective when it comes to raking tablets?

We don’t get paid for reviews, we’re unbiased, if we don’t like a tablet or we don’t like something in the tablet – we will let you know. We receive a small commission if someone purchases a tablet from our links, but we don’t give out bad advice, if there’s a bad tablet we will say so and recommend you another one.


We are a small team running one of the biggest iPad & Android Tablet blogs, and we update our content regularly, but each month there’s a new tablet, and it takes time to test it and research it, but when we’ve done that we will update the articles accordingly.