ASUS ROG Flow Z13 Review: Future of Portable Gaming Laptops/Tablets

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Whenever we hear about gaming laptops, the first thing that comes to our mind is large and bulky. design. ASUS is one of the few companies that are working to change the mentality by experimenting with devices like ROG FLOW X13 and ASUS ROG Flow Z13, which were launched in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

The ASUS ROG series has never failed to surprise us with their new range of laptops. Last year ASUS ROG introduced the X13 laptop, which performed well. However, this year along with the major tech giants in the industry such as HP, Lenovo, Dell, MSI, Acer, Gigabyte, and Razer, they headlined some significant changes and bagged major improvements to that and released this new product at CES 2022. It won’t be wrong to say that the ASUS ROG Flow Z13 is currently the world’s most powerful Windows gaming tablet. 

Credit: ASUS

ASUS ROG Flow Z13: The Portable Future is Here

It’s portable; Jam-Packed with Specs, Features, a detachable lightweight keyboard, and with fewer ports than a traditional gaming laptop. It consists of Intel’s brand-new Alder Lake Core i9-12900H CPU, 16 GB LPDDR5 Random Access Memory, fast 120 Hz panel, fast NVMe storage, vapor-chamber cooling system along with GPU Nvidia GeForce (RTX 3050Ti).

There are other two models of these gaming tablets available according to your needs with comparatively weaker CPUs, i7-12700H and i5-12500H, but with similar 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM and Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti GPU. These models are for those who are not much into gaming.

Credit: ASUS

ROG Flow Z13 (2022) Ratings

Credit: ASUS
For Movies:9
For Notes-Taking:9
For Drawing:8
For Gaming:10
For Reading:8
For Photo-Editing:10
For Video-Calls:10
For Web-Surfing/Social-Media:10

Specifications of ROG Flow Z13 (2022) – GZ301


OSWindows 11 Home
Display13.4” IPS 4K resolution, 120Hz, 500 Nits 
RAM16 GB LPDDR5-5200 
CPUIntel 12th gen Alder Lake, Core i9-12900H
GPUIntel Iris Xe + Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050Ti 35-50W 4GB GDDR6, ROG Boost : 1085 MHz*+50MHz Oc , 40 W max graphics power.
Battery56 WHr
1TB M.2 2230 NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD
MicroSD ExpensionUHS II (Dedicated Slot)
Camera8MP (Rear), 720P(Webcam)
ColorsMatte Black
Dimension217 x 165 x 32.6mm with the keyboard folio.
Weight1.18 Kg or 2.6 pounds
Network and CommunicationWifi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2 ( Dual Band)
Power SupplyType C, 100W AC Adapter, Output 20V DC , Input 100~240 AC

What’s Inside the Box?

You get the following items in the ASUS ROG flow Z13 box:

  • The device itself with a detachable keyboard
  • Quick short guide
  • 100W Type C power Adapter
Credit: ASUS

Pros and Cons


  • Good Performance
  • 120 Hz IPS screen
  • Portable
  • Quiet Cooling
  • Great Keyboard Folio
  • Good Typing Experience


  • Poor Battery Life
  • Too heavy to use as a standard tablet
  • Webcam quality is not good
  • RTX 3050 Ti (the slowest version)
  • Expensive

Features of ASUS ROG Flow Z13

  • Display: Beautiful 13.4-inch screen with 16:10 aspect ratio, very bright and colorful, LED touch screen display at 120 Hz refresh rate makes the screen experience buttery smooth, especially for gamers. It offers Gorilla Glass 5, which is icing on the cake.
  • Fingerprint: The new ASUS Rog Flow Z13 supports fingerprint authentication, which is built-in side mounted power button and can give instant access to the device.
  • Speakers: It has two side-mounted speakers, which are great for watching videos but aren’t that great for gaming.
  • Keyboard: The ASUS ROG Flow Z13 consists of a lightweight detachable keyboard that offers a high-end typing experience.
  • Battery Life: The battery life on this device is disappointing while gaming; you’ll only get 60-90 minutes of playtime when fully charged. 

With fewer performance activities such as web browsing, watching movies, and video calling, the battery performs slightly better and can last up to 5 hours and 15 minutes.

  • Storage: It comes with plenty of storage, 1 TB of SSD storage with 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM
  • Design: The ASUS ROG Flow Z13 is a beautiful piece of engineering. It has a portable 2 in 1 design. If you hold and look at this device, you’ll see it’s clear that portability was the main focus for ASUS. The most fascinating thing is the matte black color combination with metal body.

If you compare it with other gaming laptops such as Alienware M15 R5, which weighs around 2.5 kg and is 2.33 mm thick, then the ASUS ROG Flow Z13 is lightweight which makes it portable and much easier to carry.

It has front-facing vents to keep it cool.

  • Camera: This device contains an 8Mp rear camera and a 720p front camera. The cameras aren’t great; they offer mediocre results.
  • Performance: The device is packed with 12th gen Intel CPU along with Nvidia’s RTX 3050Ti. The convertible performs very decently with a good gaming experience. However, you won’t be able to play some high-end games at RTX Ultra graphics settings.

What’s new compared to last year’s ASUS ROG Flow X13?

  • Design: Although both the models are designed with metal, such as ASUS ROG Flow Z13 built with Aluminum Alloy while on the other hand, the ASUS ROG Flow X13 has a Magnesium Alloy build. This feature, along with the matte black color combination, gives a gamer look to the ASUS ROG Flow Z13.
  • More Portable: The new ASUS ROG Flow Z13 comes in a 13.6” screen size and with lighter weight which makes it easier to carry with a bag or bare hand. But it is a trade-off between higher specs and portability.
  • Improved Performance: ASUS ROG Flow 13 offers Intel’s Alder H series processor, which can clock up to 5GHz plus a GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU with 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM. On the other hand, ASUS ROG Flow X13 comes with AMD Ryzen 9, which can boost up to 4 GHz only which makes the Z13 a clear winner in this category. It is interesting to know that the new device can run popular games at about 30-45% higher fps than ASUS ROG Flow X13 and can do 40% better multitasking.
  • Better Display: The ASUS ROG Flow Z13 has one of the best displays with thinner bezels. It offers a 13.4” screen size, 16:10 aspect ratio, 120Hz refresh rate, and 500Nits brightness, which drive it far ahead of its predecessor.

ASUS ROG Flow Z13 VS ROG Flow X13: Which is Better?

Obviously, the ROG Flow Z13 is going to win, but the ROG Flow X13 isn’t anything bad at all. If you are someone who loves gaming then I highly recommend getting the new ASUS ROG Z13 due to the new and improved design, light weight, much powerful and best display.

ASUS has intelligently designed the new ROG Flow Z13. One can not imagine such a masterpiece of engineering and aesthetics, as ASUS not only put the power of Intel’s top notch processor, GPU and SSD storage of 1 TB  inside this device, but also they have dealt with temperature with the help of its special design.

ASUS Rog Flow Z13 caters the rising heat naturally with the help of wide vapor chamber which look afters all the heat sources such as CPU, GPU, and other components. This device not only surpassed the ASUS ROG Flow X13 in terms of Performance,Portability but in terms of Design and Display as well.

ASUS ROG Flow Z13 is targeted towards the gaming generation because of which it does not come with a stylus but this certainly not means that it does not support stylus. It is equally useful for all kind of our productive needs from taking notes to sketching and drawing with the help of ASUS Pen.

A feature in which ASUS ROG Flow X13 has an upper hand over ASUS ROG Z13 is the battery offering. ASUS ROG Flow X13 offers much durable battery than the ASUS ROG Flow Z13. 

Some key differences between ROG Flow Z13 and Flow X13:

  • The ROG flow Z13 is more powerful and better for gaming.
  • The ROG flow Z13 is lightweight.
  • The ROG flow Z13 also offers the best display. 
DeviceASUS ROG Flow Z13ASUS ROG Flow X13
OSWindows 11Windows 11
CPUIntel Core i5 12500H Intel Core i7 12700H Intel Corei9 12900HAMD Ryzen 7 5800HS AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS AMD Ryzen 9 5980HS
GPUGeForce RTX 3050 4gbGeForce GTX 1650 4GB
RAM16 GB16 GB, 32GB
Battery56 WH62 WH
Display13.4 inches 1920 x 1200 pixels 13.4 inches 1920 x 1200 pixels
Dimensions302 x 204 x 12.0 mm
11.89 x 8.03 x 0.47 inches
299 x 222 x 15.8 mm
11.77 x 8.74 x 0.62 inches
Weight1.18 kg1.03 kg

Overall, both the devices are great. However, I would still pick the ASUS ROG Flow Z13 because it is portable and powerful. But if you do need a better time then go for ROG Flow X13.

Who is the ASUS ROG Flow Z13 for?

The ASUS ROG Flow Z13 is the power house of performance and masterpiece of engineering. If we examine the ASUS ROG Flow Z13 more deeply then we can certainly reach to the conclusion that it has every thing which can support our modern day activities.

If you are a gamer or a professional video editor, and you need a portable gaming laptop/tablet with some good specs, then the ASUS ROG Flow Z13 is for you.  Although the power house tablet is best suited for gaming, but this does not mean that it can not fit for our productivity needs. It supports all kind of productive activities such as we can perform video and picture editing with the help of Photoshop and other specialized software. 

Nowadays, working remotely and online collaboration is becoming our daily need then we do not need to worry about it as the ASUS ROG Flow Z13 has it all which can support video conferencing, file sharing, data analysis, graphics designing and many such things.

ASUS ROG Flow Z13 comes with built-in Windows 11 operating system which is itself a plus point for this machine as windows has its own fan following and many users attracts to the operating system due to its user friendliness. Although users who are used to with android and iOS might not like the idea, but even they can cope up with the Windows 11 environment. 

In a nutshell we can conclude that it is a device to take care of all the users and all their needs. Following are some of the categories that can mostly benefited from this device:

  • Gamers
  • Professionals
  • Melophiles
  • Movie Buffs
  • Students
  • Entertainers

Competitors of ASUS ROG Flow Z13

If you are looking for an alternative to this device, you aren’t just limited to this device only there are also some other options available which can be a great fit for purpose. Let’s inspect them one by one:

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 8

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a beast of a device. It is fully packed with specs and can carry out every task including (gaming and video editing). It comes with 13” display, latest Windows 11 operating system, sharp camera results. It offers some outstanding features which are rarely available in its competition such as:

  • Intelligently design easy to carry
  • Support of external devices
  • Two thunderbolt 4 ports
  • Exceptional picture quality
  • Good sound quality
  • Slim Pen and Keyboard Support

2. Apple iPad Air (2022)

If you want the best performance with great battery life and fast charging, then this is the best thing for you. This iPad has amazing performance because of the new Apple M1 Chip. It supports fast charging and Apple Pencil. It is also easy to carry. Some of the distinct features which it offers are as follows:

  • Power Pack Performance
  • Loud stereo sound speaker
  • Extended battery life
  • Pen Support
  • M1 Chip
  • Elegant design

3. Apple iPad Pro

If we are talking about premium tablets then this just can not be possible that we forget Apple iPad Pro. Although it has its own target market but it sometimes fascinates and attracts customers of other brands as well. The reason is pretty clear that it offers performance, quality, productivity and aesthetics all in one package.

Some of the features which the iPad Pro offers are as follows:

  • IPS 11”, 12.9” Display 
  • Support up to the latest iPadOS 
  • M1 Chip
  • 8 core CPU/GPU
  • 16 Core Neural Engine for Machine Learning
  • Unmatchable Internal storage up to 2 TB
  • Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard
  • Price starting from $799 (11” variant), and $1099 (12.9” variant)

   Specifications Compared

DeviceASUS ROG Flow Z13Apple iPad Air 2022Microsoft Surface Pro 8
OSWindows 11iPad OS Windows 11
CPUIntel Corei9 12900HOcta Core
Quad-core 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-1185G7 Processor
GPUGeForce RTX 3050 4gbApple M1Intel® Iris X Graphics
Storage512, 1TB64 GB, 256 GB512 ,1TB
Display13.4 inches TFT (1200×1920) 10.9 inches (1640 x 2360)13 inches (2880 x 1920 )
Dimensions302 x 204 x 12.0 mm
11.89 x 8.03 x 0.47 inches
247.6 x 178.5 x 6.1 mm (9.75 x 7.03 x 0.24 in11.3 in x 8.2 in x 0.37 in (287mm x 208mm x 9.3mm)
Weight1.1 kg462 g891 g

FAQs on ASUS ROG Flow Z13

How much does the ROG flow Z13 cost?

The ASUS ROG flow Z13 top of the line unit with Intel Core i9-129000H processor, 16 gigs of ram and a 1TB storage is about $1899. There are several other models available which are less expensive than this.

Is the ASUS ROG flow Z13 good for gaming?

The ASUS ROG flow Z13 top of the line unit with Intel Core i9-129000H processor, 16 gigs of ram and a 1TB storage is about $1899. There are several other models available which are less expensive than this.

ASUS ROG flow Z13 has some good specs sheet which can run pretty much all the high-end games but without the max graphics settings. It is certainly not a pro gaming machine, but from what we can tell it’s currently the best gaming tablet out there.

How is the battery life on the ASUS ROG flow Z13?

Unfortunately, the battery timing on this gaming tablet is not good. It only lasts a few hours while playing games. Although its battery power is sufficient for daily productive activities such as video conferencing, photo editing, etc.

Final Verdict

The ASUS ROG Flow Z13 is an amazing powerful gaming tablet blessed with promising cooling ability. It has a marvelous design and great engineering level, but the Alder Lake Core i9 processor and the battery timing is an overkill as this gaming tablet costs a lot of money and there are also some other great and cheap options available.

ASUS ROG Flow Z13 is fit for mid-level gaming experience(you can’t really enjoy games that well on tablet compared to a gaming console or a gaming PC) with capabilities to support day to day activities. Another shortcoming is that after spending so much over this machine it does not offer a stylus, and we need to purchase the ASUS pen separately. 

Overall it’s a great tablet sort of a 2-in-1 laptop it can handle practically anything – work, play, entertainment, social media, but the real question – do you need it all? There are a bit cheaper option out there as well, that’s up to you, we’re just sharing our thought and experience.

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