ipad os 16 everything you need to know compatibility and new features

iPadOS 16 – Everything You Need To Know

iPadOS is Apple’s attempt to take their tablet, the iPad, to new heights. With new features released with every iteration, iPadOS 16 seems to be no different. With that said, we’re going to be going … Read more

refurbished ipad

Where To Buy Refurbished iPad?

Refurbished products are ones that are used but have been repaired / cleaned, ridding them of all their previous flaws. When it comes to iPads, there are a lot of places that offer refurbished options. … Read more

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Best iPad Chargers – RATED

iPads have gone a long way from their initial release. From now having larger batteries to faster charging, iPad chargers have also gone through several improvements over the years. With iPhones slowly getting rid of … Read more

apple ipad vs samsung tablet market share

Samsung vs. iPad Market Share

Samsung and Apple have been trading bouts ever since the tablet market rose through the ranks. With more consumers bagging tablets, both companies have tried to capture more of the market share every year. With … Read more