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I’m personally one of those people that absolutely have to turn on Netflix or Amazon Prime, YouTube, or any other streaming provider before bedtime. I usually take my iPad and just put something on. It helps me to fall asleep a bit faster and enjoy the process.

Without a Tablet stand, it’s hard you can’t find the right angles, and you can’t enjoy your show 100%. This is why there’s a market for tablet holders specifically for beds. We tested some of these out, and they are quite great.

The main question is – How can I comfortably watch movies in bed with my iPad? Well, you will need a good tablet/iPad stand specifically designed for bed, and here are some of the best picks:

1. Ontel Pillow Pad

1. Ontel Pillow Pad

  • Material: Foam, Suede
  • Color: Red, Gray, Blue
  • Compatible: iPads, Smartphones, Android Tablets, Windows Tablets

Suede is draped around the foam, making this tablet holder more comfortable. The material makes it ultra-soft, lightweight, sturdy, and long-lasting.

This tablet holder comes in a dual-edge design with a pocket to carry a mobile phone or any important accessory. Its cover is washable and available in three colors blue, gray, and burgundy.

While traveling, you won’t mind carrying this with you due to its travel-friendliness. It is an excellent fit for iPads, tablets, e-readers, smartphones, etc.

It will work great with all the latest iPad models (2022)

Great for bed and Netflix nights.

2. iProp Bed & Lap Stand
  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Black
  • Compatible: iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini & Other Tablets

This one was really great. It conforms to any flat or irregular surface, which makes it perfect to use in bed. Just drop it wherever in bed, where it’s the most comfortable, attach your tablet/iPad, and boom, you have the perfect stand for your bed.

It will adjust perfectly to your bed’s surface. You can definitely make your movie night more enjoyable with this accessory.

3. Lisen Tablet Pillow
  • Color: Black, Grey
  • Compatible: All Tablets & iPads from 4-inches to 15-inches

So, you are looking for a tablet stand that can travel with you anywhere; your search is finished. Lisen brings the tablet pillow, which can be used over the desk, in the office, table, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, living room, and classroom.

Features that distinguish it from other competitions are its anti-skid design, adjustment angle from 15 degrees to 90 degrees, 2 arm pockets, washable cloth, and detachable cushion.

This pillow stand comes in gray color, which is compatible with any 4 to 15-inch device, which means it can accommodate every device from an iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Tab Ultra.

The two-arm pocket is just icing on the cake. That can hold the TV remote or iPhone while you are lying on the bed or relaxing on the sofa.   

4. Megipea Tablet Stand Holder
  • Color: Black
  • Compatible: All iPads, iPhones, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Amazon Kindle Fire, etc.

I used to use a gooseneck tablet holder for my desk while working, and it’s fine if you want just to use your iPad as a second screen and control it with your mouse and keyboard, but if you want to get some work done on it with your hands, it can get quite difficult, it’s really wobbly, and when you make a click the screen is shaking, and it gets annoying real soon, that’s why I switched to magnetic iPads stand for desk and found a new use case for my gooseneck – it will hold my iPad in my bed.

Due to its flexibility, we can use it in any shape, but the recommended posture is “S” or “Z” to get a sturdy grip.

As far as its sturdiness is concerned, this tablet stand has a strong clamp at the bottom, which can be fixed with any objects such as drawers, side corners, corner tables, desks, or the beds’ head itself.

5. Samhousing Tablet Pillow Stand for Bed
  • Color: Blue, Dark grey
  • Compatible: All iPads, iPhones, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Amazon Kindle Fire, etc.

If you like comfort, this pillow stand could be a great choice. This tablet stand provides three viewing angles for laying down, sitting, and standing, so without thinking about the stiff neck muscles and straining eyes, you can read books, watch movies, play games, and view photos.

This stand comes with a 100% sponge and suede washable cover, making this lightweight, sturdy and flexible. Its material and design makes it compatible for 4.5″ to 13″ devices such as iPad Pro12.9″ or 10.7″ or 9.7″/iPad Air,iPad Mini & All Tablet 7-13″ size & All iPhone & N-Switch & Kindle Fire.

If you are a person like me who roams around with the tablet everywhere in the kitchen, over a couch, on the bed, or on the table, then go for this compact pillow stand. 

6. Lamicall Tablet Pillow Holder
  • Color: Black, Grey, Green, Red, Blue
  • Compatible: All iPads, iPhones, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Amazon Kindle Fire, etc. (Will work also with 2022 iPad models)

Are you struggling with placing the tablet for convenient view and comfortable use? Then go for this option as it has 4 viewing angles, soft texture,s and storage pockets.

This tablet holder is an excellent pick for reading, watching videos and photos, playing games, and typing in bed. Its design accommodates two devices simultaneously so that you can share it with any other family member as well. This pillow stand comes in various colors: Black, Grey, Green, Purplish, Red, and Royal Blue.

This pillow tablet stands not only to free your hands but also provides side pockets that can carry mobile phones, chargers, remotes, or a stylus. Its detachable and washable pillowcase and resilient material make it the best fit for its purpose.

It is compatible with devices from 4 to 13 inches which means this can accommodate Pad Mini 6, iPad Air 4/5 2022/2021 iPad Pro 11 / 12.9 inch, 2018 iPad Pro 10.5 inch, 2020 new iPad Air, iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD 7 8 10, E-reader, Huawei, iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, Surface Pro, Galaxy Tab & Other Tablets.

Overall it is a great stand for bed and other surfaces.

7. Abovetek iPad Clamp Mount
  • Color: Black, White
  • Compatible: Universal compatibility 4inch to 11inch

The best way to avoid neck and joint pain due to prolong tablet usage is to have this long-mount clamp-based tablet holder. This tablet holder is designed so that it can grip the tablet and mobile phone sturdily with many viewing angles.

This tablet holder is well-engineered with a metal design, rubber padding, and rigid plastic brackets that grip any device of 4 inches to 11 inches very tightly. Some of the devices which are compatible with this tablet holder are Amazon Kindle, Universal, Apple iPad 10.5″, Apple iPad, Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad Mini, Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy.

This product provides unique features such as adjustable height, angles, rotating design, and fold-ability that make it a perfect fit for reading books, drafting emails, video calling, watching movies, and listening to music.

8. Tablift iPad Holder For Bed
  • Color: Black
  • Compatible: Universal compatibility. Works with any tablets & iPad, without a case.

One of the most popular tablet holders for bed. By Tablift brand. You can literally use it with any tablet. It has universal compatibility. It might look big and a bit uncomfortable, but it’s very sturdy.

You can easily use it in bed or sofa and take your movie night to the next level or reading, or social media or whatever your are planning to enjoy on your iPad.

9. Pitaka Magez Folio 2
  • Material: PU Leather, Microfiber
  • Color: Black, White
  • Compatible: iPad Pro 12.9-inch and iPad Pro 11-inch
  • Angles: 4 standing angles(Portrait & Landscape mode)
  • Works as a stand and a case
  • Auto sleep/wake function
  • Pencil Holder
  • Lightweight

Pitaka offers a range of exceptional cases and stands designed for the iPad. Among their latest offerings is the Magez Folio 2, a product that is compatible with the iPad Pro. Our team has had the opportunity to test this product and we are pleased to report that it performs exceptionally well. The Magez Folio 2 is a perfect daily cover for your iPad, and it is particularly well-suited for those times when you want to relax in bed in the evening. With its portrait mode and kickstand, you can easily watch your favorite Netflix show in comfort.

A case that makes your iPad look professional by day and also has a chill mode for night.

How to choose the best tablet holder for the bed?

We do a lot of research when selecting a tablet, mobile phone, or any other gadget. Similarly, we should not randomly choose any tablet stand, but we need to do proper research to select an appropriate one.

The following are some of the key factors which a person should consider while selecting the best tablet holder for bed.

  • Portability:

When selecting a tablet holder for a bed, the first and foremost thing anyone has to consider is its portability feature. Because after using any tablet and its holder we have to place it into a drawer or somewhere to use it next time. And it’s hard to store gooseneck holders.

Another factor that is essential to consider is that, at times, we want to carry our tablet with us, so do we take the tablet holder? To address such a situation, a tablet holder should be portable enough that we can carry it from place to place. It has to be lightweight, compact, portable, and convenient enough so we can carry it along with us while traveling.

  • Compatibility:

A user must consider its compatibility with the tablet while selecting the tablet holder.

If the tablet does not fit in the tablet holder or the tablet holder can not bear our tablet’s weight. All the expenses we have done on our tablet, and its holder go wasted as the tablet might slip and get damaged, and it is pretty evident that the tablet holder is just a waste without a tablet. 

Just make sure your tablet stand is compatible with your device.

  • Flexibility:

It might irritate or frustrate us if the tablet holder is not flexible enough to give us a proper viewing angle.

While working on a tablet, chatting with our friends, reading books, listening to music, and doing video calls, we adjust the viewing angle as per our requirements and body postures because our bodies can not be in the same position for long. So, a tablet holder must be flexible.

Viewing a tablet at the wrong angle might disturb or irritate us, affecting our vision, body, and muscles. So while selecting a tablet stand for bed, we must keep flexibility in our mind.

In our list, we have a couple of tablet holders that fulfill our need in terms of flexibility, and they are equally fit for our purpose.

  • Budgeting:

Pricing is another crucial factor we must consider while selecting a tablet holder. Because it is equally essential that tablet accessories prices should not exceed a certain threshold.


What is the best tablet holder for reading an e-book in bed?

For e-book reading, a pillow-based tablet holder is better than clamp-based or loop-based tablet holders as it provides different reading angles and accommodates various devices. When you have to change the pages, you will have to touch the screen, which will make the tablet a bit wobbly.

How can I comfortably watch my iPad in bed?

You can try to use your pillow, but in my experience, it’s not that perfect. We recommend getting an iPad stand that is specifically designed for the bed. To watch movies, Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, Disney+, podcasts, etc. It’s a game-changer when it comes to comfort. A Pillowcase is your best bet, but Magic Keyboard isn’t that bad for bed as well.

DIY Tablet Pillow/Stand

Here’s a short and straightforward video for Sizzix Lifestyle, and they are showing you how to create a tablet pillow if you have some sewing skills:

Our Verdict:

Although every tablet holder has its pros and cons, it equally depends on the user’s choice. In our opinion, the Ontel Pillow Pad and Lap Stand by iPro were the most comfortable ones, and you can really enjoy the show.

I personally used Magic Keyboard before in my bed, and it also got the job done. Without it, it’s very difficult to place the iPad/Tablet at the right angle, and every time you move a bit, it messes up your chill game. Which eventually led me to a decision – I need a dedicated iPad stand for my bed.

Pick one of the tablet holders for the bed. Lie in bed and watch your favorite show/movie with ease. But this is purely our opinion if you want to choose any of the above products the choice is yours. 

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