refurbished ipad

Where To Buy Refurbished iPad?

Refurbished products are ones that are used but have been repaired / cleaned, ridding them of all their previous flaws. When it comes to iPads, there are a lot of places that offer refurbished options. … Read more

is ipad enough for college student

Are iPads Enough For College?

We often hear this question – does a student needs a laptop, or iPad is enough? It depends. Schools/Colleges usually provide information about what technology is required. You have to make sure that iPadOS is … Read more

ipad vs laptop_ pros and cons

iPads vs Laptops: Pros & Cons

The iPad has single-handedly disrupted the entire consumer electronics space. With a majority market share, laptops have seemingly dwindled in number in front of the mighty iPad. But, avid PC users may still laugh at … Read more

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Awesome Things To Do With an iPad

iPads are generally reliable and easy-to-use devices. But what are the use cases? You can watch YouTube on it, but you can also do it on your iPhone or Macbook. I’m a person who has … Read more