Do iPads Have a Flashlight?

If your iPad has a rear camera flash then your device also has a flashlight. You might have problems finding the icon on your device and I’m going to show you have you can turn on/off the flash and where you can locate the icon(if you can)

Turn on the iPad’s flash with Siri

You don’t even need to unlock your iPad. Just simply say “Hey Siri, can you turn on/off the flashlight?”

If it doesn’t work by any chance you have to go to setting and enable Siri. Sometimes it’s disabled and it won’t respond to your commands.

How to Change Siri’s Voice and Language

Turn on the flashlight from the control center

This might not work 100% some of the older iPad and older iOS doesn’t support this, but if you have a back-facing camera flash you can still use Siri.

It’s pretty simple just follow my guide:

  • Unlock your iPad
  • Swipe down from the right corner of your device
  • The Control center will appear
  • Press on the flashlights icon

and vice versa if you want to turn it off

Do all iPads have a flashlight?

No, older generation iPads don’t have a flashlight. All iPad Pro’s have LED flash right next to the rear camera. Older iOS haven’t added the feature to turn on the flashlight so you will have to update your device or you will have to ask Siri.

Why don’t all iPads have a flashlight?

There’s no official statement from Apple why don’t all the iPads have a flashlight. We can make an educated guess on that. It makes sense that iPhones have a flashlight it’s very convenient and useful, but when it comes to iPads it’s not that convenient, if you are going into a dark place, it’s easy to pull out a phone, but a bit more difficult to pull iPad out of your backpack.

Apple create useful products and they want to add features that only make sense and I understand why they didn’t add flashlights.

I personally have never used the flashlight on my iPad, but I’ve used a flashlight on my iPhone, many times and it’s convenient.

Each feature, each product needs to serve a purpose and some of the engineers couldn’t find a reason why would anyone need a flash on an iPad besides pictures.

That’s at least my guess.

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