How Long Does it Take to Charge Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Last Updated on April 10, 2023 by Ernests Embutnieks

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is an entry-level tablet. It’s affordable but retains the core functionality you need from an Android tablet. But one concern some people have is about battery life and how fast it charges up to 100%.

Today we’ll give you a quick breakdown of everything you need about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite’s battery and charging. 

Does the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Have Fast Charging?

Yes, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite supports Adaptive Fast Charging. However, Adaptive Fast Charging maxes out at only 15W. Samsung categorizes 15W as ‘fast charge’ but in reality, it’s a standard charging output. 

Based on tests, we’ve seen the following results on how long it takes to charge the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite using different chargers – 

Charging PowerCharging Time
7W~3 hours 40 minutes
15W~2 hours 20 minutes

Even with a 15W charger, it’ll take over 2 hours for a 0-100% charge. But this also depends on how much battery you have remaining when you plug in. 

Keep in mind that using a higher wattage charger, like 30W or more, will not make the Tab A7 Lite charge faster. Samsung is pretty strict when it comes to compatible chargers after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. 

The charge will be limited to a max of 15W regardless of how high an output the charger supports. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Battery Specs

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite has a humble 5100mAh battery capacity. This is standard for the price and hardware featured on the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. The display is a 1340 x 800 WXGA+ resolution which is reasonably underpowered. This helps the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite’s battery last longer. 

Battery life on the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is decent enough for all-day use in browsing social media. We’ve seen the battery last 9-11 hours with light-medium usage. But using intensive apps like games might drain the battery very quickly. 

What Charger is in the Box?

The bad news is Samsung does not include the 15W charger in the box. The included charge brick and cable support only 7W output. You will need to purchase a 15W charge brick and supported USB-C cable to get fast charging support

We’d recommend purchasing only the official wall charger from Samsung. Here’s a link to a compatible Adaptive Fast Charging 15W charger

How to Turn On Adaptive Fast Charge

By default, Samsung devices do not enable fast charging. You will need to enable it before plugging it into a compatible Adaptive Fast Charging brick. Here’s what you need to do – 

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Device Care & Battery
  3. Select Charging 
  4. Turn on Fast Charging

Keep in mind you need to do this before plugging a charger into the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. 


The charger that’s in the box will take you 3 hours and 40 minutes till full charge. Updating your charger will save you an hour and 20 minutes. Is it a good deal? I say it’s a great deal if you use your tablet on daily basis.

Alternatives like Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 will take 4+ hours to fully charge. Classic iPad will also take ~4 hours to charge from 0 to 100, so all in all I Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite chargers pretty quickly and has a good battery life overall is a good tablet that’s also one of the best tablets you can get under $200 price range.


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