How to Use Clipboard on iPad & iPhone

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Clipboard is a useful feature that will save you time and increase productivity if you use your iPad and iPhone for work. Having an option to copy and paste is a must-have. But if you have switched from Android to iPhone or iPad, the whole device might be confusing for you right now.

Android’s clipboard is way more different than the one on Apple’s devices. Of course, it depends on the type of Android product, but you always have the same features. If you feel lost on your iPad or iPhone, don’t worry because we will explain everything in detail. Let’s begin!

How to copy and paste text on iPad & iPhone

Even though it doesn’t seem like it at first, both iPad and iPhone have a clipboard option. It is part of the system, so there is no need to search for different keyboards or apps to install on your device. 

First, find the text you want to copy and then hold your finger on a word or sentence. It will be highlighted, with two blue dots on either side. You can drag those dots to select an entire paragraph or copy just a single word.

A menu will pop up, and all you need to do is tap on Copy. That’s it. The text is saved on the clipboard. Next, launch the app where you want to paste the text. As you can see from the screenshots, we are pasting it to the Notes app. Tap and hold your finger, and an option Paste will pop up.

You can use the same method for any text. And the last thing you copied will remain on the clipboard until you copy something else. Only one item can be on the clipboard for iPhones and iPads. If that seems inconvenient, various apps can help you out. However, you might encounter some system problems if you use them.

How to copy and paste text on iPad

The method above works on both iPhones and iPads. But if you are an iPad user, you might have noticed that your keyboard looks slightly different than on your iPhone. Three extra icons show up on the top bar. So let’s see how you can use them for copying and pasting text on an iPad.

Start by selecting the text you want to copy. Tap anywhere and drag the blue dots until you highlight everything. Click on Copy from the menu that pops up.  

Then launch an app such as Notes. A Paste icon will appear on the keyboard. Tap on it, and your text will show up on the screen. If you select the text in the Notes app, three more icons will be shown on the top of the keyboard – cut, copy and paste.

What If I Need Multiple Items Copied And Saved On My Clipboard?

Apple devices don’t offer this function by default, but there is a sort of work around. You Copy whatever you need to copy, go to notes and paste it there. Go back to your files, find the next thing you need to copy, and do just that and go back to the Notes app again and create a new note, and copy it there.

Your default notes app can work as a clipboard, that’s how I use it, and that’s how I recommend you to use it, third party apps are just a waste of time, they are buggy, and you will just end up spending more time on them, this is why I would recommend using Notes app as a clipboard.

Copy/Paste Across Apple Devices

If you have heard of the Mac Universal Clipboard, but don’t know much about it, here are the basics. Fans of Apple products often have a collection – an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. So Apple came up with an idea to allow users to copy and paste text, links, and images from one device to another. So you can copy something from your iPhone and paste it on your iPad, Mac, and vice versa.

However, there are some requirements. The Universal Clipboard is available to users who have iOS devices with iOS 10 or higher, macOS Sierra, and Bluetooth. All devices have to use the same Apple ID and be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Plus, they have to be in Bluetooth range. It does sound a bit complicated, but it is doable if you work from home and have all your devices near you.


Where do I find copied items on iPad and iPhone?

Since there is no such feature on iPads and iPhones right now, you won’t be able to see the items you copied until you paste them into an app. Remember that iPhones and iPads allow just a single item to be copied and stored for a given time.

How do I find things saved on my clipboard?

As previously mentioned, iPhones and iPads have an option to copy only one item. So if you are trying to access the list of copied things, you won’t get too far. Do you want to look at the text or link you copied? You have to paste it somewhere.

How do you clear the clipboard on the iPad?

Considering that the clipboard on iPad and iPhone is pretty limited, you can clean it faster. It has just a single item, and that simplifies things. You have to replace the item with empty text. Any app that has text input will work. 

Add two spaces and then select and copy the empty text. And you are done! Your clipboard is clean, and whatever item you had there before is gone.

What is a Clipboard?

A clipboard is a memory feature that allows you to store text, data, and pictures on your device for a period of time to move them to another place on your device. Else known as the Copy/Paste function.

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