Best iPad Chargers

The iPad is a relatively big device compared to normal smartphones, so you’re going to need a big and strong charger to keep your device juiced up when it’s needed. 

As you might know, there are a lot of chargers with different specifications. So how could you tell which one is best for you? Because of that, choosing a good charger for an iPad can sometimes be challenging. 

My personal thoughts on having a charger are a bit different than other buyers’ guides. So, if you’re in need of a different but genuine suggestion about the iPad charger, let me help you.

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I’ll try to point you in the right direction and also provide you with some excellent recommendations. So, let us look at the best iPad charger.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Charger For iPad

When looking for a charger for an iPad, it’s important to look for specific points, like compatibility, safety, optimal charging performance, and others.

So, here are all the necessary key points that you should keep in mind. 

  1. Power Output: Look for higher wattage for faster charging. For recent iPad models, aim for chargers with at least 18 W or higher output. This allows for efficient charging and supports fast charging capabilities.
  1. Compatibility: Check compatibility with your iPad model (USB-C or Lightning). Most chargers with a USB Type-C port are ideal for newer iPad Pro models, while those with a Lightning port work well with older iPad models. 
  1. Charging Speed: Look for chargers that support fast charging technology, such as Fast Charger or Quick Charge. These technologies enable rapid charging and reduce the overall charging time. 
  1. Safety Features: Check for surge protection and overheating protection. It’s an important factor to check because surges and overheating can cause the charger to explode. So, buy a charger that features surge and overheating protection, like a GaN charger. 
  1. Portability: A compact design with foldable prongs for easy travel can be a good choice. Also, if you only need to charge an iPad, do not buy a large charger like 240 W. 30 W should be enough to charge an iPad, as I do.

 Best Charger For iPad 

Now, let’s see my personal favorite iPad charger list. 

UGREEN 65W USB C Charger – Best Overall


  1. Port type: USB-C
  2. Power Output: 65 W
  3. Manufacturer: UGreen
  4. Compatible with iPad: Yes
  5. Safety Features: Available 


  1. Compact design
  2. Fast USB-C charging
  3. Compatible with a wide range of devices
  4. Three charging slots


  1. It has no power lights to indicate whether it’s a plugin or not

The UGreen 65W USB-C Charger is an efficient and powerful charger that can revolutionize your charger game into something very special.

Yes, this charger is all about speed and convenience. It has three charging slots: two USB-C and one USB-A. Both of its USB-C ports are capable of charging your iPad at a blistering 65W rate.  

It is ideal for those who have two iPads and want to charge both of them at once. For instance, take me as an example, I have an iPad Pro and an iPad Mini, which I want charged and ready to go at all times. So, using this charger helps me charge more batteries in less time. 

Also, It is very portable, and it saves space in the bag if you’re a traveler and are always on the go.

Oh, and don’t forget the USB C to USB C cable that offers lightning-fast data transfers. This charger is a must-have for all your charging needs, especially for your iPad!

Apple 30W USB-C Power AdapterEditors Choice


  1. Port Configuration: 1 USB-C port
  2. Power Output: Up to 30 W (single device)
  3. Fast Charging: Yes 
  4. Compatible With iPad: Yes
  5. Safety Features: N/A

Our list would be incomplete without the official Apple 30-watt charger. The Apple official USB-C Charger is a powerful charger that comes with a single USB-C port, allowing you to charge your iPad, iPhone, or Macbook at a fairly good charging speed.

It’s a fast charger, so it’s definitely going to charge your iPad at a decent speed. Although Apple recommends this charger for Macbooks, you can also use it for an iPad. I’ve tested it, and it takes around 2 hours and 40 Minutes to fully charge the iPad Pro up to its maximum. 

Other than charging, it looks good design-wise. It’s a bit bulky; maybe it’s my thinking; I don’t know, but it’s fairly decent in design, just like other Apple products. 

And, just like other Apple products, this one is pricey too, which doesn’t sound fair. I think it should have been a bit cheaper as it’s not a GaN charger, but we can’t argue about that because Apple doesn’t make low-budget products. 

Again, t’s not a GaN charger, so you can’t expect that efficiency from these silicon chargers. I know it’s more expensive than my other GaN chargers, but I haven’t read anywhere that this charger is GaN. 


  1. Supports Fast Charging 
  2. An Official Apple Product
  3. Good for almost all new iPads
  4. Great design


  1. Expensive
  2. Not a GaN charger

Fuel Brites 30W USB C Charger


  1. Port type: USB-C
  2. Power Output: 30 W
  3. Manufacturer: Fuel 
  4. Compatible with iPad: Yes
  5. Safety Features: Available 

The new Fuel Brites Charger isn’t something that appears to be a leading charger for most devices, but it is a good charger for an iPad. 

It’s fast, it’s reliable, and most importantly, it’s PD certified, which means there are safety features in their chargers. 

Along with that, this charger has a small and compact design, which makes it suitable for travelers and office work.

Now, let’s talk about what I didn’t like about this charger. I know the charger has a good amount of power, but it’s not a very stable wall mount; it falls sometimes due to its weight and design. Although it’s not very bulky, it does have that weight. 

As I was saying, the wall mount isn’t quite good; it sometimes gets unplugged, which feels awful. Also, the charger has an odd appearance due to the back design, which I believe shouldn’t be there. I think a normal charger looks more appealing, but that’s just my thinking.  


  1. Fast charger
  2. Not very bulky
  3. Advanced protection from power surges
  4. Quite Powerful


  1. Isn’t a good wall mount
  2. Weird Design

INIU 30W Dual Port Type C Charger – The Budget-Friendly Option

USB C Charger, INIU 30W PD


  1. Port type: USB-C
  2. Power Output: 30 W
  3. Manufacturer: INIU
  4. Compatible with iPad: Yes
  5. Safety Features: Available 

The INIU 30W Dual USB C charger is a budget-friendly option on our list that features a good price along with safety and speed.

With GaN 30W technology, it delivers lightning-fast charging for your devices. It has the potential to charge your iPad Pro up to 75% in less than 2 hours. Plus, it’s smart enough to fuel two devices simultaneously, saving you time. 

It’s a safe charger, as it claims to have INIU’s temperature monitoring technology, which is helpful for charging. 

Also, it’s compatible with over 1000 devices, so there’s no need to worry about whether it’ll work with your other device or not. 

Another thing I noticed is that it’s very, very small in size with a foldable plug. So, it’s good that you can even keep it in your pocket. 

Along with everything the charger is offering, there’s also a 1-year warranty and fantastic customer support. Therefore, if a problem arises, you can use the warranty.


  1. Affordable compared to my other recommendation
  2. Offers fast charging
  3. 1-year warranty
  4. Taken safety measures
  5. Compatible with many devices


  1. Not very powerful
  2. Slows down when the second cord is attached

Belkin 20 Watt USB C Wall Charger

Belkin 20 Watt USB C Wall Charger


Port Configuration: 1 USB-C port

Power Output: Up to 20 W (single device)

Fast Charging: Yes 

Compatible With iPad: Yes

Safety Features: Available

Belkin’s 20 Watt USB C charger is another impressive charger that made it onto my list. This 20W can be the perfect companion for all your charging needs. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, this charger is designed to deliver rapid and efficient charging to your PD-enabled devices. 

First of all, let me tell you that this thing is durable. This charging block is built to last, plus, it has a mini size, making it super portable. 

Secondly, the speed is just fine—nothing very special—but you can conveniently charge your iPad from it. Another good thing is that it’s compatible with all iPads and works efficiently with them.

Furthermore, this charging block doesn’t fret about overheating—this charger is designed to maximize charging efficiency without generating excess heat. Also, there’ll be no problem with a power surge or whatever. 

And lastly, the company also provides a warranty for buyers, so you can take advantage of that too. 


  1. Good Safety feature
  2. Works with all iPads
  3. Budget-friendly
  4. Small and efficient design


  1. Not very fast

Quick Comparison For the Best Charger For iPad

Here’s my quick comparison for the best iPad charger. With this, my goal is to find out how long my chosen chargers take to charge from 0 to 100%.

Charger ModeliPad iPad MiniiPad Air iPad Pro
UGreen 65W~2 Hours 42 Min ~1 Hour 19 Min~1 Hour 58 Min~2 Hours 35 Min
Apple 30W~2 Hours 44 Min~1 Hour 22 Min~2 Hour 5 Min ~2 Hours 38 Min
Belkin 20 Watt~2 Hours 45 Min
~1 Hour 20 Min~2 Hours 36 Min
~3 Hours 
Fuel Brites 30W~2 Hours 45 Min~1 Hour 20 Min~2 Hour 3 Min~2 Hours 40 Min
INIU 30W~2 Hours 44 Min~1 Hour 23 Min~2 Hour 3 Min~2 Hour 38 Min


Looking at the table, you’ll notice that most charging times are essentially the same for a particular iPad model. The reason behind this is that iPads draw only the amount of power they are compatible with. For instance, the iPad Pro will only draw the maximum power that its maximum charging rate requires.

This is why the charging rate between a 65W charger and a 30W charger isn’t that different.

Source: Apple

Why do I Prefer a GaN Charger?

As you have probably gone through my recommendations, you will have noticed that I recommended a lot of GaN chargers for iPad models. So why is that, though? And What’s a GaN charger?

So, GaN is a much more powerful, lightweight, fast, and future-promising charger because it’s made of gallium nitride instead of silicon. 

It has more power than silicon and has a lower chance of explosion or overheating problems. Also, it charges up a lot more quickly and safely than silicon. I typically choose to purchase GaN chargers for these specific reasons.

The only thing you will not like about a GaN charger is that it is pricey, costing a little more than a standard charger. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that investing in safety is worthwhile. 

How Much Time Will An iPad Take To Charge?

It’s true that different models of iPads take different amounts of time to charge due to the size of their batteries. I will be testing some iPads to see how long it takes to charge them completely. I chose a 20-watt Apple official charger because it works with all iPads.

So, on a 20 Watt charger, we’ll see how long it takes to charge an iPad completely using a fast charger. 

iPad ModelCharging Time
iPad2 hours, 45 Minutes
iPad Mini1 hour, 20 Minutes
iPad Air2 hours, 40 Minutes
iPad Pro3 hours

This table is just about the 20 watt charger, but if you are interested in knowing about my 30 W charging test, click here

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Is It Wise to Invest in an iPad Charger With a Power Output of 100+ Watts?

No! You shouldn’t spend your money on a 100+ watt charger if you are still going to use it on an iPad. Even if you have two iPads, there’s no need to buy a 100+ watt charger. 
It’s because the iPad doesn’t need that much power, so spending that much will not be a wise decision. For the most recent iPad model, I recommend purchasing at least a 30 Watt charger; if you need more power for your other device, go for a 45 Watt or 60 Watt charger. 

How Many Watts Does the iPad Support When Charging?

An iPad supports 30 Watts maximum, none above that. According to my tests, it takes up to 31.70 watts at the max, which is around 30 Watts.
So, if you’re looking for an iPad charger, stay within the 30 watt limit. Going above this limit for an iPad isn’t going to benefit you. 

Is the GaN charger preferable to the Silicon charger? 

Yes, of course, GaN chargers are preferable to silicon chargers because of their modern architecture, and as it’s a new thing in the market, it has great new features over the previous one, like;
It is small, light, and portable enough to take with you wherever you go 
Using GaN chargers ensures better safety as they generate less heat
The GaN charger has the potential to charge multiple devices at the same time and can handle higher power levels
In short, GaN chargers are the future and will be completely replaced by silicon chargers very soon. I think it’s not very far off that we’ll start thinking of Silion charger as a thing from the past.

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