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iPads have gone a long way from their initial release. From now having larger batteries to faster charging, iPad chargers have also gone through several improvements over the years. With iPhones slowly getting rid of chargers in their boxes, iPads may just follow suit soon.

So, in this article. I’ve taken a look through some of the iPad chargers that money can buy, and we will be talking about them in this article. So, stay tuned!

What Makes A Good iPad Charger?

In hindsight, a charger may seem very simple. But, when it comes to iPads or any charger, for that matter, there are a few particular specifications that you need to take into account to ensure you get the best deal.

  • Wattage: Wattage dictates how much power can be output from that particular charger, directly affecting your charging speed. Currently, the fastest charging on the iPad is the iPad Pro M1 with 30W. Therefore, going for any more would be useless. Oddly enough iPad Pro’s original charger has only 20W, even though it supports up to 30W.
  • USB PD: USB Power Delivery over USB-C is meant to support fast charging and is a standard the iPad supports. All of the chargers in this list support USB PD.
  • Build Quality / Surge Protection: When traveling, you can’t always be sure of the quality and stability of electricity that you’ll be getting. Therefore, a high-quality charger will ensure that you don’t end up burning your iPad while charging it.
  • Number Of Ports: While this depends on your use case, having more than one USB port helps you use carry fewer chargers overall, as you’ll be able to fit more devices in one charger.
Best Charger For iPad’s
1. 30W USB-C Power Adapter By Apple
  • Charging Capacity: 30W
  • Supported Devices: 1
  • Charging Speed (iPad Pro M2): Under 2 hours

If you only have Apple devices and would like a charger that fits your aesthetic, there’s nothing better than the official Apple offering. Equipped with fast charging, you’ll be able to charge your devices to up to 30 W. This works great for the iPhone Pro and the iPad Pro, both of which support fast charging at this rated capacity. Also, it’s good for MacBooks.

Besides that, there’s a detachable plug that will let you use various different adapters for a multitude of regions which are sold separately. All of these plugs are expandable and contractable, allowing for more portable storage. 

It’s a standard good-looking charger with the solid build quality, and you can easily buy it at any Apple Store all around the world or at their website.

(2-in-1) Best Dual Charger
2. Satechi 30W Dual-Port Wall Charger
  • Charging Capacity: 30W
  • Supported Devices:
  • Charging Speed (iPad Pro M2): ~ 2h 40min
  • Ports: USB-C (PD) & USB-A

The Satechi 30W Dual Port Charger. A perfect option if you are on the go and you have more than just one device. Features a USB-C (PD) port max of 18W to charge your iPad and a USB-A port max of 12W to charge your smartphone or any other device. Combine output 30W.

This is the best option in terms of versatility and portability. As usual for the Satechi brand, it has a stylish, good-looking metallic body. The design is very compact and easy to drop it in a bag, making it perfect for traveling. If you need a fast charger 2 in 1 for your iPad and your smartphone or any other device, this is a great option.

Best Premium
3. Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station
  • Charging Capacity: 20W
  • Supported Devices: 5
  • Charging Speed (iPad Pro M2): ~ 2h 40min
  • Ports: USB-C (PD) x2, USB-A x2 & Qi Wireless charging pad

The Satechi Dock 5 is my personal favorite out of the bunch. The dock charges up to 5 devices at once with USB PD built-in to the two USB-C ports. It also has two USB-A ports with up to 12 W charging and a wireless charging pad which goes up to 10 W.

In essence, you can charge your AirPods, iPhone, Macbook, or iPad Air / Mini at the same time. It has great build quality, and I was surprised to see that it doesn’t even heat up as much, even when it was going in at full throttle. 

The only caveat of the dock is the fact that the wireless pad seems hard to find at times. So, I’d often have to move my AirPods Pro around before they start charging, but I feel like this is common for Qi wireless charging pads. Since I’ve had this issue with all of them.

If you have a lot of devices this is a great option for a charger.

Best Compact Charger
4. Anker USB C GaN Charger 30W (Nano 3)
  • Charging Capacity: 30W
  • Supported Devices: 1
  • Charging Speed (iPad Pro M2): Under 2 hours

The Anker Nano 3 30W Charger is a portable charger that is designed to charge devices such as smartphones, iPads/tablets, and laptops. It is not specifically designed for use with the iPad, but it sure is one of the best alternative options out there besides the original Apple 30W charger.

Anker Nano is a highly popular option for iPad chargers due to its compact, minimalistic design. It will work with all of the newest iPads. It has USB-C to USB-C cable. This specific charger also has foldable plugs, which makes the overall size smaller and more convenient to pack, so if you are a frequent traveler, it’s a good choice for a charger.

Dual Charger
5. Belkin 24W BOOST Charge 
  • Charging Capacity: 24W
  • Supported Devices: 2
  • Charging Speed (iPad Pro M2): ~ 3 hours 50 minutes
  • Ports: USB-A x2

If you are running the infamous iPad-iPhone combo, it only makes sense for you to be able to charge both your devices with the same charger. With the Belkin, you’ll be greeted with 24W charging with 12 W for each port. So, you’ll be able to charge an iPad Pro and iPhone Pro and take advantage of fast charging.

Contrary to popular belief, there’s not a lot of difference between 24W and 30W charging. And, the heat that 30W produces can lead to quicker degradation of your battery health. So, in hindsight, the 24W fast charging acts as a great sweet spot as it doesn’t harm your battery as much while still being fast enough. 

I’ve been using this charger personally for a year. And, I’ve not seen my battery health be harmed at all. In fact, my 13 Pro Max is still at 100% battery health after almost a year of use. A testament to the charger. 

It has two USB-A Ports. So you can get USB-A to USB-C cable for iPad or USB-A to Lightning to support iPhones or older model iPads.

6. Anker 65W Nano II
  • Charging Capacity: 65W
  • Supported Devices: 1
  • Charging Speed (iPad Pro M2): Under 2 hours

The Anker Nano II is great for two reasons. Firstly, it supports 65W charging. Yes, your iPad does not really support that quick of a charge; the iPad Pro is capped at 30W. But, you’ll be able to charge your Macbook Air M1 and even the newer Macbook Pro M2 at decent speeds with this charger.

Moreover, the charger is the only one in this list that uses Gallium Nitride instead of silicon for its internal implementation. This leads it to be extremely small and compact compared to any other charger on this list. In fact, it is so small that you’d be forgiven if you mistakenly thought of this as Apple’s typical 5W charger instead.

45W Dual (2-in-1)
7. UGREEN 45W Dual USB C
  • Charging Capacity: 45W
  • Supported Devices: 2
  • Charging Speed (iPad Pro M2): Under 2 hours
  • Ports: USB-C x2

The UGREEN 45W Dual USB-C charger is designed to charge devices with USB-C ports, such as iPads/Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, etc. Perfect if you have an iPad and Laptop and you want one charger to charge both of your devices. It has a good looking design, is small and compact, and is easy to carry around. The output is 45W. Enough to charge the latest MacBook Pro. More than you need for iPad Pro(which only supports 30W). If you use both ports, the split is 25W & 20W.


No.NameWattageDevice SupportPrice
1.30W USB-C Power Adapter By Apple30W1$39.00
2.Satechi 30W Dual-Port Wall Charger30W2$29.99
3.Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station20W5$59.99
4.Anker Nano 3 30W1$24.99
5.Belkin 24W BOOST Charge 24W1$24.99
6.Anker 65W Nano II65W1$49.51
7. UGREEN 45W Dual USB C45W2$39.99

The basic Apple charger remains the de facto standard for a good charger for an iPad. However, if you are trying to spice things up, the Satechi Dock is our personal favorite. But, if you want an all-in-one portable charger that packs a punch, the Anker Nano II is a great snag.

It’s normal if you have an older iPad and the battery has started to drain faster, and you’re looking for solutions quite, frankly speaking, a faster charger might not fix the problem, but at least it’s a great bandage for the issue.


Do all ipads use the same chargers?

All the latest generation iPads use USB-C ports. There are older models as iPad 9th gen, among others, that use the Lightning port. In the future, Apple iPads will support USB-C ports only.

Will using a different charger ruin my iPad?

Apple recommends using only Apple-branded chargers and cables since they are specifically designed to work with Apple products and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their safety and reliability.

Apple worries that third-party manufacturers may not hold up to the standards. In my experience, who has been using third-party chargers to charge my iPads, iPhone and MacBook – I’ve had no issues. My battery still works great.

Do iPads support fast charging?

Yes, the newest iPads support fast charging. Fast charging allows you to charge your device more quickly by providing a higher amount of power.

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