iPad No Sound in Games (Solved)

Apple Store keeps releasing new apps. Apple keeps releasing new iOS. The whole ecosystem keeps evolving by the day. It’s bound that there will be some errors.

One of the problems iPad users often face – is no sound. It can be caused by multiple things:

  • You have muted your iPad
  • Earbuds connected through Bluetooth
  • You have turned the volume down to zero
  • You have changed the in-app setting and disabled sound

So let’s dive deeper into this issue and find out how to fix it quickly!

Muting by accident (Most common problem)

It is easy to mute your iPad by accident. This has happened to all iPad users at some point, including me. The reason is the mute button in the Control Center. You might unintentionally tap on the button without even realizing it. Therefore, check your Control Center by pulling it down on the top right corner of the screen.

how to fix sound on ipad when it's not working in games and on other apps

Low sound

Let’s begin with the quickest solution – have you checked your volume levels? Some of us lower the volume without realizing it and then forget about it. Before you do anything else, make sure the volume is up. You can do so with the help of volume buttons on the side or in the Control Center.

turn volume up and down with button on the side or control center by swipping from your right corner down - ipad sound guide

Try Disconnecting/Unplugging Your Earbuds/Headphones

This has happened to me once or twice, I try to watch YouTube, and for some reason, there’s no sound. I check if I haven’t muted my iPad by accident, and everything is the way it should be. Volume is up, no mute button tapped, but still, there’s no sound. I forgot to put my AirPods back in the case, and the sound is playing through them.

You can either put them back in the case, which should disconnect them automatically, or you can do it manually through the iPad.

disconnect airpods/earbuds/headphones from iPad

Just make sure you haven’t connected to any Bluetooth devices that might play the sound. Make sure that nothing is plugged into your iPad headphone jack if you have one.

Volume up within the app

iPad can have an occasional sound glitch. It occurs when you are in a game and open Apple Music, Spotify, or any other app that plays sounds. As a result, you will mute the app/game only. The solution is to get back to the app/game and turn the volume up. You can either use the volume buttons or Control Center. Just make sure the game is running on the screen.

in-app/in-game setting to turn up volume on your ipad and iphone
Music/Sound was turned down in-game

Reset the iPad

Have you tried turning it off and on again? Restarting your iPad often fixes many issues, including the absence of game sounds. Since different iPad models are available right now, it is good to learn how to restart them.

If you have an iPad without the home button, here is what you need to do:

  • Press the top button and one volume button. The power-off slider should appear on the screen.
  • Drag the slider, and your iPad will restart in 30 seconds.
  • Press and hold the top button + volume. An option to restart your iPad will appear
  • You can also restart your iPad through the settings


How to unmute my iPad?

The quickest way to unmute an iPad is to find the mute button in the Control Center. You have to pull down the right corner of the screen. Look for an icon with a bell.

If you have an older iPad model, a small side switch can mute and unmute the device. It is customizable, and you can use it for locking the screen orientation too. However, if you use it for sound, make sure you haven’t accidentally placed it on silent.

Do iPads have a mute switch?

Even though it used to be a standard feature, newer iPad models don’t have a mute switch on the side. Instead, a mute button in the Control Center does the same thing. But if you are using an older iPad, you can enjoy the practicality of a mute switch.  

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