iPad Magic Keyboard comes only in black and white, and it’s expensive, so it makes sense that we want to protect them, and it also makes sense that we want to customize them.

That’s what this article is about – iPad Magic Keyboard skins, covers, and sleeves.

Let’s make our iPads a bit cooler and keep them protected.

D Brand Crimes Square Skin

one of the best magic keyboard skins you can get - D brand

  • Brand: D Brand
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Special features: Scratch Resistant, Custom Design, Easy Installation, Long lasting

I must say that the Amusement Park skin for the Magic Keyboard is a true masterpiece in quality and design. 

Since it was made with such care and accuracy, it fits the iPad perfectly and enhances its sleekness. The smooth and velvety texture of the skin adds a touch of luxury to the device.

This skin isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about protection. It shields your beloved iPad from scratches, dust, and minor impacts.

The installation process is also incredibly user-friendly, leaving no room for bubbles.

One standout feature that sets the D brand company apart is its customization options. By paying some extra bucks, you can make your own custom skin for the Magic Keyboard. 

Camo Skin

camo series skin

  • Brand: SlickWrap
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Special Features: Scratch Resistant, Easy Installation, Different Color Options

The design of this skin is captivating, featuring an eye-catching camo pattern that gives your iPad a wild and distinctive appearance. You’ll surely receive compliments from some people who lays eyes on it. 

But it’s not just about looks; the skin’s lightweight and slim design adds minimal bulk to your Magic Keyboard, ensuring a seamless fit and comfortable typing experience. 

What’s truly remarkable about SlickWrap is the range of stylish designs and colors they offer. On their official web page, you’re going to find a collection of fashionable add-ons for your iPad.

Apple Retro Skin

retro apple skin

  • Brand: SlickWrap
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Special features: Spill-Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Easy Installation

The Retro skin from SlickWarp is a true symbol of classic charm and elegance. 

With its sleek black color and vibrant apple icon, the stylish appearance exudes a timeless appeal that will never go out of style.

I have to say that this skin is beautifully made. It perfectly fits your Magic Keyboard, leaving no room for flaws. The process of applying it is also pretty smooth and easy. 

The Retro skin not only enhances the aesthetics of your device but also acts as a powerful protection against scratches and spills. Your Magic Keyboard will remain safe and sound.

It lasts 6-7 months, after that, I would recommend changing it, but of course, it depends on the usage. You can use it longer, but it will be noticeable that it’s not fresh.

Luxuria Tuscany Yellow Skin

yellow apple skin

  • Brand: Easyskinz
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Special features: Smooth and luxurious design, Scratch resistance, easy installation

The Luxuria Tuscany Yellow-Textured Skin for the Magic Keyboard is another reliable product.

Its beautiful yellow texture exudes sophistication, instantly elevating the appearance of your iPad.

Beautiful, sophisticated design and an extra layer of protection.

This skin fits flawlessly, and installation is easy. You can watch their step-by-step video tutorials if you’re having any trouble applying the skin on their website. That helps a lot and gives you the confidence that you are applying it correctly.

Vibrant Tie Dye Skin

Vibrant Tie Dye skin

  • Brand: Mightyskins
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Special features: Scratch and Spills resistance, Precision cut, Easy installation

The Vibrant Tie Dye skin from Mightyskins. It is similar to wearing a hip Hawaii t-shirt on your iPad!

Though it might not be as well-known as some other brands, its performance and quality should not be taken for granted.

This skin’s unusual color combination, which resembles a funky tie-dye pattern, is what I find most endearing about it. It definitely draws attention! 

On their website, you can even select different finishing styles, which is a nice touch. I am hoping they will add more color schemes and patterns in the future.

When it comes to protection, Vibrant Tie Dye has got your back. The precision-cut design covers every inch of your Magic Keyboard, ensuring it stays scratch-free and safe from spills and dust.

Installation? No problem! Just put it on. Also, there are no bubbles or residues to worry about. It seamlessly blends with your Magic Keyboard, giving it a sleek and natural look, like it was always meant to be there.

So, if you’re looking to add some excitement and a splash of vibrant colors to your iPad setup, Vibrant Tie Dye is the way to go.

The Fourth Skin

The Fourth (iPad Magic Keyboard Skin)

  • Brand: Fishskyn
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Special features: Scratch resistance, strong grip, and zero air bubbles.

USA Patriots? Assemble.

It’s like having a piece of the USA right at your fingertips when you work from your iPad.

The quality of this skin is top-notch and durable.

It’s scratch-resistant, looks great, and fills your heart. It’s also a bit expensive.

Overall, I’m thrilled with The Fourth skin. Fishkyn is a trustworthy company, if you don’t like this particular skin, you can check their site for others. They produce high-quality skins for iPads Magic Keyboards.

I’m not associated with this brand or any other and I don’t receive any commission, nor I was paid to write this article.

Luxuria White Marble Skin

Luxuria White Marble Skin

  • Brand: Easyskinz
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Special features: Easy installation, Superior scratch protection, bubble resistance

When you look at this skin, it is like a piece of classic architecture. With subtle veins and details, it elevates the aesthetics of your device.

The accurate fit of this skin covers every key and edge flawlessly, leaving no room for scratches, spills, or dust. It’s like having a shield of luxury wrapped around your device.

Installation is a piece of cake!

The only thing I don’t like is that you get only one marble design; I wish there were black marble skins.

Top Brands That Make iPad Magic Keyboard Skins

There aren’t that many brands out there that create skins for iPad Magic Keyboard. There are plenty that does that for Macs, iPads, and iPhones, but it’s rare to find someone who does it for keyboards, so here’s a list of brands that I liked:

Will Skin damage the Magic Keyboard?

Low-quality skins, typically made from inferior materials, may cause more harm than good. Air bubbles and sticky residue can not only affect the aesthetics of your Magic Keyboard but also damage the surface when removing the skin.

The brands I’ve mentioned above are considered premium quality and won’t damage your Magic Keyboards when you remove their skins.

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