MagEZ Case 2 For iPad Pro Review

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I wanted a new case for my iPad Pro, and I decided to go with MagEZ Case 2. One of the main reasons for picking this particular brand was because it’s one of the rare ones that actually makes iPad cases that are compatible with Magic Keyboard.

Since I have it and have been using it for a while, I thought to myself; why not inform you guys about the reasons why you should pick the MagEZ Case 2.


  • iPad Pro 6th Gen
  • iPad Pro 5th Gen
  • iPad Pro 4th Gen
  • iPad Air 5th Gen
  • iPad Air 4th Gen

If you’ve any of these and you’ve your eye on MagEZ Case 2, you’re good to go. It fits perfectly. Besides these devices, it’s also compatible with the following accessories:

  • Apple Pencil
  • Magic Keyboard
  • Smart Keyboard Folio

The added compatibility is their biggest advantage over other cases. PITAKA is saying that it won’t be compatible if you’re using some sort of skin / grip on your Apple Pencil. Personally, I don’t use any grips on my Pencil, so I wasn’t able to test that part. But, taking a look at the case; it should work just fine.

What’s Inside The Box?

magez case 2 for ipad pro 11-inch
MagEZ Case 2 for 11-inch iPad Pro

The package looks very good, and it’s sleek and minimal, shows off the case in a retail setting, and provides a quick overview of what you can expect from it. I like it. There’s nothing more, nothing less.


9.85in x 6.88in x 0.36in



Compared to other cases, the MagEZ Case 2 is quite lightweight. However, if you haven’t used a case prior to this, the 0.18lbs isn’t all too light, and you’ll feel a bit of the heft.

Design & Features

unattached MagEz 2 case from pitaka (ipad case that works with magic keyboard)

The case is made out of finely woven aramid fibers. The material feels very sturdy, and it gives this premium, slim feel. It doesn’t slip out of your hands. It makes your grip more stable, especially in landscape mode. Moreover, the case doesn’t make your device look bulky or ugly; arguably, it makes it look even better.

The magnets are strong. I’ve no concerns that Apple Pencil might fall off or that the iPad might fall off the Magic Keyboard. The keyboard closes completely. I also have a Paperlike screen protector(even though I read some reviews that it might not close – definitely not the case)

MagEz Case 2 closed with Magic Keyboard Apple Pencil and paperlieks creen protector


I read some concerns/reviews that people are worried about the fact that MagEZ Case 2 only covers 3 sides out of 4. It’s a valid concern to have. Here’s my take on that: It’s a slim cover. It doesn’t guarantee that your iPad won’t break.

It’s just an extra layer of protection, just like screen protectors, just like Magic Keyboard. If you need a higher level of protection, this case is probably not for you. I personally think it’s good enough unless you plan to play frisbee with your iPad Pro. If that’s the case, then I would suggest Otterbox.

MagEz Case 2 with apple pencil

Advantages & Disadvantages

let’s start with the pros for this case:


  • Premium materials
  • Improves grip
  • Improves design(arguably)
  • Works with Magic Keyboard/Smar Folio Keyboard
  • Works with Apple Pencil


  • Protection in case of a fall

Is MagEZ Case 2 for iPad Pro/Air Worth It?

I wanted MagEZ Case 2, so I have a better grip when using my iPad, and I wanted a case that would also be compatible with my Magic Keyboard. The most annoying part about most other cases is the fact that you’ll need to remove them when you want to use the Keyboard.

With this case, you can keep it on and get some work done with the keyboard as well.

Case Compatible with Magic Keyboard
MagEZ Case 2 Review

I didn’t want bulletproof protection. I take care of my gadgets/devices. I don’t drop them. I’m careful that part doesn’t bother me that much, but it’s nice to know in case of an accident, I’ll have an extra layer of protection. 

MagEz Case 2 attached to Magic Keyboard

Overall, I like the case, and I’m glad I have it. When I update my iPad Pro to a newer model, PITAKA will definitely be at the top of my mind. Do I recommend it to others? Well, if you read my review and know the pros and cons, then yes, the choice is simple.

It’s also a good idea to buy the case together with PITAKA MagEZ magnetic stand.

Here are some extra pictures so you can get a better understanding and feeling of the case:

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