how long do ipads last

How Long Do iPads Last?

We want to know how long iPads last, which helps us understand if that’s a worthy investment. So, if you’re looking to buy an iPad that isn’t cheap, you want to know what’s the average

best tablets for students

11 Best Tablets for College Students

Tablets have become very popular among students. They are slowly replacing laptops in some programs. One of the biggest reasons is the Stylus support. You can take handwritten notes on your tablet. You don’t need

is 64gb enough for ipad

Is 64GB Enough for iPad?

The more storage you want on your device, whether it’s an iPad or iPhone. The more expensive your device will get. It makes sense for us to ask these questions. I personally don’t like to

is reading on ipad bad for eyes - 3 tips to prevent eyes train

Is Reading On an iPad Bad For Your Eyes?

The iPad is the most popular consumer tablet to date. Many individuals use it as their primary reading device or consume some sort of content in the text on it. This begs the question, will

is 32gb enough for ipad - here is what I think

Is 32GB enough for iPad?

Are we choosing the right storage size? Now, that can be a tricky decision. The more storage you want, the more you have to pay. So, naturally, the question arises – Is 32GB enough for

the things i loved about samsung galaxy tab s8

5 Things I Liked About Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Samsung, with its S line of Tablets, really lifted the bar for the competitors. Some even argue that it’s a direct competitor to the iPad. Well, I can’t disagree. It’s right next to it. But

remarkable 2 alternatives

6 Best Remarkable 2 Alternatives

When I first saw the Remarkable 2, I was really impressed. It’s got a sleek design smooth writing, and it’s super easy to use. It totally changed the way I take notes and jot down