is 256gb enough for ipad storage? here's an answer what users need a 256gb model ipad

Is 256GB Enough For iPad?

The more storage you want, the more expensive it gets. Whether or not 256GB storage is enough for you, highly depends on how you plan to use the device. If you only use your iPad …

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why apple ipad doesn't have calculator? here's the answer and some alternative apps

Why Is There No Calculator on the iPad?

With the calculator being used frequently by a person of every age group – be it a student or a professional, you might wonder why there is no calculator on the iPad. After all, calculators …

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ipad car mount - list to choose from

Best Car Mounts for iPads/Tablets

If you’re considering using your tablet in the car, a car mount is essential for a hands-free experience. Tablets in cars offer convenient navigation with apps like Waze or Google Maps, and you can also …

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Brydge Max+ keyboard vs iPad Magic Keyboard: which one is better - answered

Brydge Max+ Keyboard VS iPad Magic Keyboard

Keyboards for iPads are an essential accessory that totally transforms it into a tablet-laptop hybrid. The latest and greatest iPads have formidable hardware that can, in a way, replace a laptop. But with so many …

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list of ipads with touch id

Which iPads Have Touch ID?

The introduction of Touch ID singlehandedly changed the way we interact with our iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks. Gone were the days when we had to enter long pin codes every time. Now, a swipe of …

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where are my downloads on my ipad

Where Are Downloads on iPad?

Unlocking the full potential of your iPad involves discovering its various functionalities and features. One common question that arises for many users is, “Where are downloads on iPad?” Understanding where your downloaded files reside and …

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best lte tablets with sim cards with pros, cons, specs - the ultimate list

Best LTE Tablets(with SIM cards)

When you buy a tablet, it sort of becomes a part of you, and you’d want to carry it everywhere. One particular bottleneck you might run into, though, is the lack of an internet connection. …

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