The Paperlike Cleaning Kit is a screen cleaner for various electronic touchscreen devices. It keeps screens pristine by effortlessly removing fingerprints, smudges, dirt, and debris.

Other cleaning kits have a microfiber cloth and a liquid. Paperlike created a 2-in-1 product that takes up less space, is more convenient, and can be taken with you wherever you go.

I specifically bought it for my iPad. Since I take notes and use it on a daily basis I needed something to keep the screen clean.

What’s In The Box?

ipad cleaning kit by paperlike
  • 1x Paperlike Cleaning Kit
  • 1x Hardshell Case
  • 1x Sticker

How Good Is It?

ipad cleaning kit - design and quality

The Paperlike Cleaning Kit is a one-stop package for all your cleaning needs. What does that mean? Well, the way the kit is designed is a testament to ingenuity. The outer shell of the kit/spraying bottle consists of a black microfiber coating. This coating is used to clean your iPad’s screen or any other electronic device’s screen.

The spray is present inside the kit and is sprayed out by a gentle push of the top end of the cleaning kit. From my testing, the nozzle of the spray is designed so that it is evenly spread out when applied. 

Here’s a quick idea of how many sprays you need for your device:

Device NameSprays Needed
iPhone 15 Pro1
iPad Pro 12.9 inches2-3
Gaming Laptop 17 inches3-4

By my estimate, the 18ml cleaning kit has around 200 sprays inside.

You can also get an idea of how much of the fluid remains by looking at the bottom of the kit. Depending on how often you smudge up your device, it should last a year, give or take.

Cleaning Process

I am a big fan of the Paperlike cleaning kit liquid. Not exactly sure of what fluid they used. But it is odorless and seems to work on any surface. To get an idea of the extent of how well the cleaning kit works, I used three very different devices.

Firstly, I tried the most obvious option, an iPhone with a simple glass protector applied to it. Here’s a quick look at the before and after.

cleaning iphone screen with paperliek cleaning kit
after i used paperlike cleaning kit

As you can see, the cleaning kit removed all smudges and fingerprints on the device while also ensuring that the protector wasn’t damaged in any way or form.

I took out an old, dusty Lenovo gaming laptop that has been stored on my shelf for a few years now. This laptop was filled with dust, grime, smudges, and fingerprints. You name it. So, it is the ultimate test for this cleaning kit.

cleaning laptop with paperlike cleaning kit - before
cleaning laptop with paperlike cleaning kit - after

Well, what do you know? The cleaning kit worked well here! I was surprised by the fact that it only took 3-4 sprays and a few wipes, and the screen looked as good as new. The kit itself was a bit dirty after this cleaning session. But, a few wipes and it was good to go.

Where To Buy It?

Best iPad Screen Cleaner
iPad Cleaning Kit

The purpose of an iPad cleaning kit is to effectively eliminate fingerprints, smudges, dirt, debris, and residual marks from your touchscreen device.

Yes, the Paperlike Cleaning Kit is worth it, if you are looking for a product with which you can clean your iPad screen or other electronic devices screens.

It’s especially handy if you are always on the go and traveling. It’s a small accessory that ensures your device is clean from debris, smudges, and bacteria.

I highly recommend investing in a Paperlike screen protector. Not only does it provide protection against fingerprints, smudges, and oils, but it also enhances the paper-like feel when using your device with the Apple Pencil. Additionally, it reduces glare, contributing to an improved overall user experience.

Is Paperlike Cleaning Kit Refillable?

Yes, you can buy the refillable Paperlike cleaning kit, it comes with five refill pellets, but you can’t buy speratly just the liquid from Paperlike, once the five pallets run out, you will have to re-order the whole package again.

Can I Use a Paperlike Cleaning Kit To Clean iPad Case?

Yes, you can use a Paperliek cleaning kit to clean your iPad’s case, but the design of the cleaning kit doesn’t make it convenient. I would recommend you clean your case by rubbing it with a clean cloth after that, apply a cleaning product on it and clean it with a microfiber cloth.

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