A power bank ensures you never run out of battery at inconvenient moments, and the battery of our device drains out usually at the least convenient moments.

With hundreds of power banks featuring confusing terms like mAh, Watts (W), and ports, I wrote this article to simplify your choice.

What Should You Look For

Not all power banks are equal. They come with different ports, mAh, wattage, sizes, weights, etc. The most important thing is:

  • mAh (milliampere-hour) determines the power bank’s battery capacity. The higher the mAh, the more times you can recharge your iPad. For example, if the power bank has 20000mAh and your iPad(Gen 10) has 7606 mAh, that means you can almost recharge your iPad three times from 0 to 100%

There’s another important thing to look out for:

  • Output Wattage determines how fast your iPad will be charged. All of the latest iPads support ~20W. You can also charge your iPad with a 60W charger, but it won’t increase the charging speed. It’s important that the power bank has at least 20W output. I would recommend getting a higher output wattage, in case you need to charge other devices like laptops.

There are other things to consider – how many ports you need, how long it takes to charge the power bank from 0 to 100%, whether it supports fast charging or not and the size of the device. These are all important factors that set power banks apart.

Lenovo Go Power Bank – Best Overall

lenovo go power bank
Image Credits: Amazon

With the Lenovo Go Power Bank, you get 20,000 mAh at your disposal to charge your iPad and other devices. It has dual USB-C ports and one USB-A, allowing you to charge three devices at once.

It’s a very compact device that looks simple, yet elegant. It has a matte gray texture and a long USB-C cable attached permanently. There’s a small battery indicator from where you can check the battery left inside it.

  • Connector Type: USB Type C, USB Type A
  • Battery Capacity: 20,000mAh
  • Output Wattage: Up to 65W
  • Recharge rate: ~3 hours

Anker 737 Power Bank – The Runner-Up

anker powerbank
Image Credits: Amazon

Anker 737 gives you 24000mAh of battery capacity, which can charge iPad up to three times from 0 to 100%(depending on the iPad model and generation). There are three ports—2 USB-C and 1 USB-A. Two USB-C ports deliver rapid 140W charging, ideal for iPads and MacBooks. The USB-A port has 18W charging, which is enough for iPhones and other smartphones.

The overall design seems quite sleek and modern. It has a small LED display that shows both the output and input power of the power bank and even estimates how long it will take to completely recharge the power bank.

  1. Connector Type: USB Type-C x2, USB Type A
  2. Battery Capacity: 24,000 mAH
  3. Output Wattage: Up to 140W
  4. Recharge Rate: ~2 hours

Belkin BoostCharge Power Bank 20K

Belkin BoostCharge Power Bank 20K
Image Credits: Amazon

Belkin Power Bank is packed with 20k mAh capacity, which allows you to charge your iPad from 0 to 100% up to two times (depending on iPad model and generation). It has two ports for charging—A USB-C and a USB-A. The USB-C port can deliver up to 30W of power, while the USB-A port can handle smaller devices at up to 12W.

While it is a bit heavy when held in hand, it doesn’t really matter if you need a powerful power bank. It’s compact and you can easily store it in a bag. Other than that, it’s a no-frills, simple-looking brick that doesn’t shout for attention.

For added convenience, this power bank features a built-in LED indicator that keeps you in the loop about its battery status, so you’re never left in the lurch with a drained power bank when you need it most.

  1. Connector Type: USB Type C, USB Type A
  2. Battery Capacity: 20,000 mAH
  3. Output Wattage: Up to 30W
  4. Recharge Rate: ~5 hours (depending on the charger)

Anker 335 Power Bank – Best Budget Option

Anker 335 Power Bank
Image Credits: Amazon

The Anker 335 Power Bank has a 20000mAh energy capacity, which will be enough to recharge iPad Pro 12.9-inch M2 x1.8 times. There are three ports in the power bank: a USB-C and a USB-A x2. The Anker 335 supports 20W fast charging.

It’s incredibly slim and convenient, you can fit it in a pocket. You can charge up to three devices at once. iPad, iPhone, and AirPods, or other devices.

  • Connector Type: USB Type C, USB Type A x2
  • Battery Capacity: 20,000 mAH
  • Output Wattage: Up to 20W
  • Recharge Rate: ~6 hours

Final Verdict

We all know that iPads without power are nothing more than a paperweight. Having a portable power bank for the iPad on your side can put your mind at ease.

Here’s an overall rating of my best Powerbanks:

Power BanksCapacityBest For
Lenovo Go 20,000mAhiPad & iPhone
Anker 73724,000 mAHiPad & MacBook, iPhone
Belkin BoostCharge20,000mAhiPad & iPhone
Anker 33520,000 mAHiPad


If a power bank supports 20W charging and I connect two devices, will it charge both devices at 20W simultaneously?

if a power bank supports 20W charging and you plug in two devices simultaneously, the power bank will distribute the power between the devices. The charging speed for each device will likely be shared, meaning they may not both receive the full 20W simultaneously. The exact distribution will depend on the power bank.
For example, if the power bank has two ports and mentions a total output of 20W, it might allocate, for instance, 10W to each device when both are connected.

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