14 Persuasive Reasons To Buy an iPad

Last Updated on September 23, 2023 by Ernests Embutnieks

The iPad is the most popular consumer tablet out there with many use cases and many great exclusive apps. If you are not sure whether you should buy an iPad or not, let me give you a few reasons.

I’m going to go over why I bought an iPad and why other people buy it as well. Maybe some of these use cases will be a good enough reason for you as well.

1. Movies, YouTube, TV-Shows

you can watch netflix and movies on ipad

The iPad boasts one of the best displays out there. Featuring vibrant colors and brightness to match, being able to hold the iPad in your hand and watch content on Netflix and YouTube effortlessly is a joy.

iPads have great speakers and great battery life, and they don’t have fans that are going to be louder than the movies themselves.

All in all, it is the best media consumption device if you are going to be watching movies and shows alone or tucked up in bed with your partner.

You can also get it with LTE to watch anything you like on the go, not just at home.

2. Web Surfing and Shopping

you can surf web and do online shopping on ipad

Reading the news, the sports section, doing online shopping, food, some new clothing, checking on those stocks, etc. Basically, anything you can do on a laptop or phone, you can do on an iPad too.

You can request desktop versions of a site or view the tablet / mobile version as well. In essence, you’ll be able to surf through the web effortlessly either by using native applications themselves or just by heading to Safari or Google Chrome.

3. Recipies

Recently, I started to enjoy cooking. I’m not particularly good at it, but having the recipe in front of me makes it easier,

I just open up the recipe, put my iPad in front of me, and start cooking. Now, I suggest you get a stand for your iPad or a folio case that allows you to place your iPad on a table for easier reading. I personally bought the Pitaka folio case.

I also suggest you to set your iPad screen to stay awake at all times. Otherwise, you need to touch it every 1 minute, so the screen doesn’t go black.

4. Take Notes

one of the biggest reasons why people buy ipad is to take notes on it

All the iPads are compatible with Apple Pencil. That allows you to take notes for school, for work, or you can even write down handwritten recipes on your device.

The best part is you can’t lose these notes, they are saved on your device, and even if you lose your iPad, you can still access them. Your dog won’t be able to eat your notes if you keep them on your iPad.

You can also share your notes with colleagues, employees, friends, loved ones, whatever.

I personally use the Notability app for this purpose.

Note-taking is one of the biggest reasons why people choose to buy an iPad, you can do a lot of the things you can on iPad on your Mac or iPhone, but you can’t take notes on these devices.

5. Drawing

drawing on ipad

Tattoo artists, digital designers, and just hobbyists buy iPads to draw on them. You can create amazing art on it.

There are great exclusive apps only for iPads, such as Procreate, that help you to make art on your device.

If this is something you would love to do on your iPad I suggest taking a look at another article I wrote – Best iPads for Procreate. There are differences between iPads and some are better than others if you plan to draw on it.

6. It’s Portable & Lightweight

ipads are lighter and more protable than laptops

This might not sound like a compelling reason, but hear me out. I travel every now and then and I want to stay connected in case something happens with work and I only take my iPad with me. It’s lighter and more convenient if you are traveling.

You can still get some work done if necessary, but you need to take your Magic Keyboard with you, otherwise, it’s hard to be productive.

I often download movies on Netflix and watch them on an Airplane. Really great for passing the time, and you can’t download Netflix movies on your Mac; they haven’t created a dedicated app for that, but you can do it on your iPad.

7. Cellular Connectivity

cellular ipad gives you adventages

You can enjoy cellular connectivity on your iPads. This allows you to insert a SIM (or eSIM) in your iPad and get LTE / 5G. So, even if you aren’t close to a WiFI connection, you’ll be able to use the Internet easily without worrying about needing to be near a cafe or restaurant.

While this feature may not be useful for everyone, it does serve great utility when you need access to the Internet and be connected with someone.

Also, it gives you extra security. Accessing unknown WiFi networks is a security concern.

Laptops don’t offer cellular connectivity, but iPads do. Of course, you can use your smartphone as a hotspot, but that’s a different story.

8. Video Calls

use ipad for video calls

iPads do have great cameras, and they also have center staging. This basically means you will always be in the center of your camera, even if you tend to move around.

When I talk I walk around a lot, that’s why when I have video calls scheduled, I always use iPad, so when I can’t sit still for any longer I just pick up my iPad and walk around, and I’m still seeing everyone, and everyone is seeing me.

9. Reading

Just like a Kindle, the iPad also provides an incredible platform for reading eBooks. While the experience differs due to the lack of an e-ink display, the iPad has a retina display that is crystal clear and not too harsh on the eyes.

iPad isn’t particularly good for your eyes, due to the blue display, but you can adjust those in settings and you can get a screen protector that filters out the blue light. Zagg’s invisible shield is a good option for this purpose.

I personally love it, you don’t need a night light, and you are not disturbing your significant other when you are reading at night.

10. Entertain Your Kids

We all have heard it and we all know it, screen time for kids isn’t healthy. But sometimes, parents just need that silence. For an hour or two.

You install a few games on your iPad preferably something educational or you put on some video or a Movie of your choosing.

I suggest setting up screen time on your iPad so you know exactly how much time your kid is spending watching at the screen.

To make things easier you can even set up limitations on how much time your kid can spend on YouTube or Netflix.

It’s really good for cars as well, if you are taking a trip you can keep your kid entertained at back, just get an iPad car holder for the back.

11. Photo & Video Editing

edit photos and videos on ipad

The powerful processors in iPads can handle robust apps like Photoshop and iMovie, making them excellent tools for photo and video editing. This is perfect for creators and social media influencers and even photographers.

A lot of photographers actually buy iPad just to edit their photos. The upload is convenient, and the photo editing is fun, especially if you own an Apple Pencil.

Grab a cup of coffee, grab your iPad, find a comfortable spot in your sofa and get to work.

12. Document Scans

scan documents with ipad

 The iPad’s camera, combined with various apps, can easily scan documents, receipts, and notes. This is a useful feature for many.

When you scan the document you can edit it, make notes on it and even print them from iPad.

You’ll be able to scan your documents and convert them to PDFs in no time. Plus, writes notes too!

Here is a video that shows how you can scan documents on an iPad.

13. Emails

check your emails

I often use my iPad to check my emails and reply to them, but there’s one catch – I always attach a magic keyboard before I do. It saves me a lot of time. I even deleted the email apps on my phone, because I often check my emails and forget to reply.

However, I recommend using Gmail or Outlook for mail. The default application isn’t all that great.

14. Gaming

The iPad’s large screen and powerful processor make it an excellent gaming device. With the introduction of Apple Arcade, you get access to a library of premium games that are exclusive to Apple devices. The touch interface also provides a unique gaming experience that’s different from a traditional gaming console or PC.

Plus, you can use applications like Steam Link, and with iPadOS now allowing you to connect a DualSense 5 controller – the sky’s the limit for remote play.

I play all sorts of games on my iPad and one thing I can say for sure as soon as you connect a controller to the iPad. It will feel like you are cheating, it gives you a huge advantage over your competitors. I personally play with a PS5 controller.

If you plan to game on iPad I suggest checking out the top controllers that work with iPad.


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