Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Not Charging – How To Fix It!

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 has shaken things up in the tablet market. But, just like any other consumer electronic device, it comes with its fair share of issues, such as battery drain, and not turning on. One other nagging issue is when your Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 does not charge.

With that said, here’s how you can get your table to charge once again!

Restart Your Galaxy A8 

First things first, your tablet may not charge because of a software issue. While this is not very common, it is a great way to get started with your diagnosis, as it doesn’t take a lot of time to get it done.

To restart your tablet, hold the power button, then tap on Restart and let your tablet boot back up again. After doing so, connect your charger to your A8 and see if it works now If it is a software glitch, you’ll be good to go right after.

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Run A Diagnostic Test

The pre-installed Samsung Members app conveniently has a few interactive checks you can utilize to see if there’s an issue with your battery or charger that’s leading to your Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 not charging issue.

Here’s how you can use it:

  • Open the Samsung Members application
  • After doing so, select Get Help > Interactive Checks
  • Perform Battery and Charger / USB checks

Check Your Charging Port

Your charging port probably isn’t damaged since tablets generally don’t go through the wear and tear that most mobile phones do. But there may be dust, lint, or some sort of debris present inside your charging port. Moreover, moisture may accumulate inside your charging port if you’ve been near water recently. 

Here’s how you can clean and check your charging port:

  • Place a cotton bud inside your charging port and move it around the edges
  • If there’s moisture, keep repeating the process until there’s no moisture present on the tip
  • If there’s no moisture, check the dust and debris present inside your charging port and remove it accordingly.

Now, connect the wire to your charging port and see if you are able to charge your tablet. If your tablet goes on charge and off again, you are almost there. This means that there is still dust or moisture inside your port. Keep repeating the above-mentioned process, and you should eventually be good to go.

Check For Software Updates

Samsung periodically releases updates for the Galaxy Tab A8, mainly aimed at providing improvements and also fixing software issues. There’s a chance that an update may end up fixing the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 not charging issue.

Here’s how you can check:

  • Open the Settings application on your tablet
  • Now, scroll down to Software update
  • Select Download and install
  • If there’s an update available, select Install Now

Remove Your Case

If you’ve purchased an unofficial tablet cover or haven’t plopped your official one on properly, your charging wire may not go all the way in. This isn’t noticeable at times. So, while you might think that all is good and dandy on your end, your device may not be charging simply because of the obstruction presented by your case. 

Therefore, remove your case and try charging your Samsung Galaxy Tab A8. If it immediately starts working, get an official case or try seating the one you have properly.

Turn Your Tablet On In Safe Mode

While the chances are low, an application might be interfering with your tablet’s charging process. Or, there might be a bug that’s causing your tablet to not charge when there’s a particular third-party application running. 

In any case, with Safe Mode, your Galaxy Tab A8 will boot up with only its default first-party applications and core functions. So, if there was any application interfering with charging, it’ll go away. Here’s how you can boot up in Safe Mode to fix Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 not charging:

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Not Charging? Here's how to fix it
  • Turn your tablet off by holding the power button and tapping on Power Off
  • After doing so, hold the power button once again. As soon as the SAMSUNG logo comes up, hold the Volume Down button as well.
  • Once your tablet boots up, you will notice Safe Mode written on the lower left corner of your device. If you don’t repeat these steps.
  • Now, plug your tablet in. It should start charging

If your tablet does start charging when you boot it in Safe Mode, boot out of Safe Mode by restarting your Tab. Now, remove interfering applications one by one until the issue is resolved. If it still persists, you will need to reset your Galaxy A8 to Factory Default settings.

Refer To Samsung

It is time to give up. If you’ve tried all the fixes above and still can’t seem to fix your Tab A8 not charging issue. We recommend resorting to a local repair shop or contacting Samsung if your tablet is still under warranty.

This is because, at this point, there’s probably some hardware-based issue that’s not letting your tablet charge. Once you head to Samsung, they’ll let you know whether it’s caused by physical damage. If not, it’ll be covered under warranty. 


It’s important to acknowledge that even exceptional devices can encounter a few hiccups along the way. Battery drainage, startup issues, and the occasional challenge of a non-charging tablet are part of the landscape. However, armed with the right knowledge and troubleshooting steps, you can often bring your device back to life.

Remember these key points if your Galaxy Tab Won’t Charge

  1. Software Reset: A simple restart can sometimes resolve software glitches causing charging issues.
  2. Diagnostic Checks: The Samsung Members app offers interactive tests to diagnose battery and charger-related problems.
  3. Port Inspection: Dust, lint, or moisture might be blocking your charging port – a gentle cleaning often does the trick.
  4. Software Updates: Keeping your device up to date might alleviate charging woes, as manufacturers release updates to fix bugs and enhance performance.
  5. Case Consideration: Ill-fitting cases can hinder charging. Ensure your case isn’t obstructing the charging port.
  6. Safe Mode Exploration: Third-party apps can sometimes interfere with charging. Safe Mode helps identify and eliminate these culprits.
  7. Professional Assistance: When all else fails, consulting Samsung or a reputable repair shop might be the best course of action, especially if your device is still under warranty.

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