clipboard on ipad

Copy and Paste Like a Pro on Your iPad

I have had this question several times. “Ernests I copied something on my iPad, and it shows that it saved it to the clipboard, but I can’t find the clipboard anywhere on my iPad.” There

iphone vs ipad for gaming. Are ipads good for gaming? which are the best ipads for gaming? find out

Are iPads Good For Gaming? iPhone vs iPad

Mobile gaming has boomed over the last few years. They have even outperformed console and PC gaming in terms of revenue. I’ve gotten a few questions from people asking me if iPads are good for

how to erase keyboard history on iphone and ipad

How to Erase Keyboard History on iPhone & iPad

Are you tired of your iPhone or iPad suggesting the wrong words or replacing your perfectly typed words with something completely different? I know the struggle. You will need to erase keyboard history to fix this.

can you overcharge an ipad - things to know about ipad battery

Can You Overcharge An iPad?

If you’ve been charging your iPad overnight, you might’ve wondered to yourself – Can I harm my battery by keeping my device constantly on charge? Can I overcharge my iPad? No, your iPad cannot be

How to Sync Contacts From iPhone to iPad

How to Sync Contacts From iPhone to iPad

When you join the Apple ecosystem, each device is just another extension to make your life easier. You can start your work on your iPhone and finish it on your iPad. You can now even

how to change airdrop name on ipad, iphone and macbook

How to Change AirDrop Name on iPad, iPhone & Mac

If you’re tired of seeing the generic “iPhone” or “iPad” as your AirDrop name, I’m here to help you change it to something more personalized and unique. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the