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Last Updated on May 10, 2023 by Ernests Embutnieks

iPads are generally reliable and easy-to-use devices. But what are the use cases? You can watch YouTube on it, but you can also do it on your iPhone or Macbook. I’m a person who has all three – iPhone, iPad & Mac and some friends have asked me what the point is? It’s overkill. You don’t need all three. I can partly agree, that you don’t need all three devices, but each one has its own use case.

I personally like to use my iPad as a productivity device where I plan my work – to-do list, notes, plans, etc. But I also use it for entertainment – it’s hard for me to sleep without my iPad. I like to watch Netflix in my bed before I fall asleep. Oh, and the TikTok app has dragged me into the rabbit hole.

I use my iPad more than just for Netflix, To-Do & TikTok and I want to share it in this article, plus some other ideas about how other people use it.

1. Note-Taking

My student days are way behind me, but I still take notes. I find it easier to remember if I handwrite them down. Whenever I have a business call I just open up a new page on Notability and write down the important things so I don’t forget anything. No need to waste paper. P.S you will need an Apple Pencil for this activity.

Notability on iPad
I personally use Notability App for Note-Taking

I know that a lot of people use it as a journal, where they write down summaries of their day, their feelings, etc. I’ve tried that, but I couldn’t stay consistent. It’s fun to look back at how you felt 2-years before and what you were thinking.

You can really organize your notes however you like. You can create Personal Journal, you can create a Heading for school/college, and have sub-headings for each subject. It’s quite easy to keep organized. Great to organize your personal work too.

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Best Note-Taking Apps for iPad

Honestly, there are like 10+ note-taking apps. I know 10+ people with iPads, and either they use Notability just like me, or they use GoodNotes 5. There is no in-between. Feels like GoodNotes 5 and Notability have conquered the note-taking app space.

2. Play Games

I’m not a big iPad gamer, but I do like games, and I’m more of a console gamer myself, but from time to time, I like to play games on my iPad as well.

ernests embutnieks playing clash of clans
Clash of Clans on iPad

I came to the conclusion that it’s a great way how to relax. These games don’t require a lot of time to be enjoyable, and that’s what I like about them – a great way to kill some time when it’s needed.

Here are some of the games I play:

These are all free games. It’s also a great way how to spend time with friends, especially if you live in a different country.

3. For Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts(Video-Calls)

using zoom on ipad

Honestly, I think video calls have made the world a better place. You had to get dressed, go to the city to meet a person for 1 hour, where you actually talked business for 5-minutes. Now you get on a video call to discuss the call’s agenda, make a plan, execute, and you’re done.

Honestly, I can’t describe how many hours I’ve saved. I’ve talked to many people over the years and still some request a meeting and my response is immediate: how about we do it over a Zoom call? A time saver.

4. Listen To Music

Yes, yes I know you can do it on your iPhone or Laptop.

I’ve been trying to get in better shape and honestly, music has helped a lot, it makes the training more fun. If the Gym gets boring create a new playlist. Life gets boring? Create a new playlist. Spice things up a little. Music determines your mood, so don’t make the same mistake as I did – don’t choose depressing music. You can just hit “good mood” in the search bar and boost your mood.

I personally use Spotify and often I create new playlists before I go to sleep so I’ve something to listen to when I go to the gym and yes I do it on my iPad.

5. Reading

Amazon Kindle App

Yes, some people still read and you can also do it from your iPad, which is incredibly convenient.

There are some great apps – Amazon Kindle, Libby & Apple Books. Although if your only purpose for buying a tablet is reading I would recommend an e-reader. iPad emits blue light and it may cause discomfort reading before bedtime from an iPad is not recommended.

6. Audiobooks


I personally love Audible. I actually listen to books more than I read them. Great way to consume knowledge. I do this often when I go for a run or go to the gym. Multi-tasking. Getting your body in shape and getting your mind in shape.

I don’t really like to recommend books because we all have different tastes, but I really liked 48 laws of power.

7. Social Media

finding recipies on tiktok
TikTok on iPad

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, etc. You can also enjoy these apps on the iPad. I personally try not to use any app that doesn’t add value to my life. I know you can spend hours on Instagram looking at pretty pictures. I often use TikTok to get some good healthy recipes, because it can get boring when you try to eat healthily. There are some very creative people that figure out how to make healthy food tasty.

I just click the heart button and I’ve something new to try out.

8. Photo & Video Editing

using lightroom on ipad

This is something I used to do, but not anymore. I guess I got tired of this hobby. It’s quite convenient to take some pictures and just upload all of them on your iPad, get comfortable and edit them the way you want to. Apple Pencil is sort of a must if you want to edit your pictures and get the most out of it.

9. Draw & Create Art – Release your inner Picaso

art created on iPad

I’m not really the guy you should be taking advice from when it comes to art. But there are some crazy talented people out there that create art with their iPads & Apple Pencils. I know a thing or two about the Apps, but I’m not into drawing myself.

Also if you plan to get a tablet for art – pick an iPad. You can’t get Procreate on Android tablets.

There are some pretty cool and fun drawing games to try out too and they are quite enjoyable, especially if you are playing with friends.

Artist showing you how to make a cartoon version of yourself with iPad

10. Podcasts

Niche Pursuits Podcast on YouTube - watching on iPad
Niche Pursuits Podcast on YouTube

I already mentioned the fact that I like to watch Netflix before I fall asleep, but sometimes I like to watch a podcast before sleep. I’m into blogging and I like to check some podcasts that talk about blog creating/SEO/marketing that really gives you a new perspective.

I watch podcasts on YouTube

I also often multi-task with this – if I’ve to work, I just set up my iPad as a second monitor and add a podcast to it. You don’t need to set it up as a second monitor. You can just open up the YouTube app or whatever, but if I do it my way, I can control both screens with a single mouse. Which is pretty convenient.

11. Scanning Documents

A very underrated quality of iPad and devices alike is their ability to scan documents. Apple iPads have an inbuilt scanner in them, so you can use the back camera of the tablet – to scan the document and then share or send it to wherever. You can scan notes, and documents, resize the documents and notes via the scanner and then send it.

The process is pretty smooth you can scan any paper document and you can, later on, make notes on the document with Apple Pencil.

12. To-Do List (Planning)

how to use reminders app on iPad
Reminders App on iPad

To-Do lists help me keep organized and focused on only one thing at a time. I use to use the Notability app for this purpose, but I realized it’s more productive to use Apple’s built-in app – Reminders. Which honestly is being underused. I often tell people about it and most of them haven’t noticed that they even have this app on their iPhones/iPads.

You can make reminders on specific dates & times, you can use it as a to-do list, you can use it as groceries list, etc.

It’s pretty straightforward, to be honest, and this simple little habit helps you to keep on track.

13. Emails


Another thing you can do is from iPhone and Mac, but I don’t like to keep work emails on my iPhone because it’s more of a consumer device, I consume information, and I’m never productive on my phone. So often I read work emails and forget about them, but if I read them on my iPad/Mac I instantly reply.

I don’t use any fancy apps I just use Gmail. I create my work emails with Gsuits and connect them all in Gmail, which makes my life so much easier.

14. Presentations

Visualization helps us express our thoughts and ideas or just it’s easier to explain ourselves. Definitely, it’s easier to make a sale if you have a presentation, and showing a quick presentation on your iPad is quite convenient for both parties.

Prepare a couple of visualizations, add some numbers, and drop them into Microsoft PowerPoint so you have something to show for. And of course, make it look pretty, otherwise, it will just look lazy.

Honestly, creating them on an iPad compared to a laptop is a real b*tch. But it’s pretty cool to present on an iPad and that’s the best part. That’s how I use it.

15. Web Surfing

A simple function that almost all smart devices have – is web surfing. You can read your favorite news outlet, you check on your favorite sports pages, see how your favorite team is doing, and of course, you can Google some stuff.

I often check the news and sports news on my iPad. It’s just so more convenient than using my laptop or phone for it.

16. Blogging, Writing, Typing

you can use your ipad tablet to blog and write articles

I guess you can call me a blogger. I don’t often write on my iPad because I find it more convenient to write on my MacBook, but sometimes I do. If I travel outside the city, I don’t really want to work, but I grab my iPad just in case inspiration strikes. If you have an iPad without a keyboard, it won’t be really productive, it’s hard to type on it, but if you have a Magic Keyboard or an alternative keyboard for an iPad – it’s quite convenient.

I personally use Magic Keyboard and it’s great, you attach it and it’s connected, I also use it as a stand to watch some TV.

17. Watching Movies [Netflix]

Saved the best one for the last.

iPads/Tablets make it extremely convenient to watch your favorite TV-Show or a movie. I have a tablet holder for bed, so I just throw my iPad on my bed, get comfortable and watch an episode or two.

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Some shows I would like to recommend:

  • Rick and Morty
  • BoJack Horseman
  • Narcos
  • Better Call Saul
  • The IT Crowd
  • House of Cards
  • Stranger Things

I already have a MacBook and iPhone. Why would I buy an iPad, then?

If you look at it the other way around, then if you do have an iPhone and a MacBook, then why not buy an iPad as well? The iPad gives you a totally different user experience than an iPhone and the MacBook. 

Look, it is a personal choice if you want to buy an iPad. MacBook is capable of running every iPad app competently. There are still other reasons why you should go for an iPad, and here are those reasons. 

But there are some exceptions you can’t do on Mac & iPhone.

  • Drawing

You can draw and build sketches on the iPad, which you cannot do conveniently on either the iPhone or the MacBook. You already have an inbuilt system to create art on the iPad and then you can transfer those drawings or art to your MacBook. The touchscreen function to edit and draw your art is essential as it gives you more control over the project and eventually gives you the desired result. 

  • Note-Taking

Handwritten notes are different. Sure you can type notes with Mac and iPhone, but when you handwrite it just feels different. It’s also a lot easier to memorize handwritten notes. Plus you’re not wasting any paper.

  • Portability

Granted, the iPhone obviously is a more portable device, but the iPad is more portable than the MacBook on the other hand. When you’re traveling and you want to travel light but have work to finish, then the iPad makes much more sense to carry around than the MacBook. 

The reason is, that the iPad can do all the work that a MacBook would(well almost), and the iPhone can’t do the job of the MacBook. Hence it is convenient to travel around with an iPad.

  • Ecosystem

Now, this is not a bonafide reason to buy an iPad, it still may be a reason enough for some people to buy though. You can create an Apple ecosystem if you already have an iPhone and a MacBook. It is always convenient when you own devices from a single company. You can create your own ecosystem and keep your things secure because you will always have a backup if one of the three devices.

I personally love the fact that I cant take notes and I know I’ll also have them on my iPhone. Notability syncs with my iPhone and also my to-do list, grocery list, etc.

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Final Thoughts –  Should You Get an iPad?

I can only recommend getting an iPad – will it make your life better? Probably not. But it can definitely help you do some fun things, and it can definitely help you keep organized, but it’s just a gadget. It’s up to you how you use it.

iPads have long longevity. You don’t just buy them for a year or two, they last for a decade. If you take care of it.

Honestly, I’ve no reason to convince you to buy it or not. There is no benefit for me in it. I’m just here to share how I use the iPad and how it can be used – the available options.

Which iPad Should You Buy?

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