If you have an older version of iPad Mini you might be wondering whether your iPad is still supported by Apple or not.

iPad Mini 5 and iPad Mini 6 are the only iPad Mini models that are still supported, and you can update these to iPad OS 17.

You can buy a new iPad Mini 6 at Apple, but you no longer buy a new iPad Mini 5. You can buy a refurbished one.

Supported iPad Minis

Let’s split iPad Mini’s into two categories – supported and not supported

  • iPad Mini 6
  • iPad Mini 5
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini

Obsolete iPad Mini’s

Not all iPad Minis can enjoy the benefits of the latest iOS, and the ones you can no longer update to the latest software are considered obsolete. iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, and iPad Mini 4 now are obsolete.

Obsolete iPads can no longer download the latest apps with the latest versions, and their performance starts to decline.

They are considered less secure and are more prone to software issues. When your iPad goes obsolete and you can no longer update it, that’s the time when I recommend buying a newer model. iPad Lifespan is 5-7years.

Is iPad Mini 5 Still Supported?

Yes, the iPad Mini 5 is still supported by Apple and is eligible for the latest iPad OS 17 update. You can no longer buy a new iPad Mini 5, but you can still get a refurbished one officially from Apple.

Is iPad Mini 4 Still Supported?

No, the iPad Mini 4 is no longer supported by Apple and cannot receive updates to the latest iOS version. The most recent available update for the iPad Mini 4 is iPadOS 15.7, and it won’t be compatible with the latest iOS updates.

Is iPad Mini 3 Still Supported?

No, The iPad Mini 3 is no longer supported by Apple and the latest available version is iPad OS 12, it can’t be upgraded to a newer iOS.

Is iPad Mini 2 Still Supported?

Regrettably, the iPad Mini 2 has reached the end of its journey with Apple’s support. The last available iOS version for this device is iPadOS 12, and it cannot embark on the journey to newer iOS versions.

Making the Most of Your Obsolete iPad

If you’re still hanging onto an obsolete iPad Mini, don’t worry; it’s not completely useless! While it won’t receive any more updates, you can still use it.

You can use your old iPad as a digital photo frame, dedicated video device, dedicated gaming device, web browser, TV remote, kids tablet, etc.

Other fun use cases for your old iPad

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