Which iPads Have USB-C?

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The Lightning Jack has remained a universal port for all Apple handheld devices since the iPhone 5. However, with the world swiftly moving towards USB-C and the EU pressing down on Apple to shift too, some iPads now use USB-C. Let’s have a look at all the iPads that have USB-C port.

Since October 26, 2022, all the latest iPad models have USB-C Port:

  • iPad
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Pro

In this article, we will go over which iPads have USB-C, the advantages of the port, and whether all iPads will eventually opt to shift to the port.

All iPads with USB-C Port(List)

Model NameRelease DateUSB-C Port?
iPad Pro (1st gen) 11-inchNov 7, 2018Yes
iPad Pro (3rd gen) 12.9-inchNov 7, 2018Yes
iPad Pro (2nd gen) 11-inchMar 25, 2020Yes
iPad Pro (4th gen) 12.9-inchMar 25, 2020Yes
iPad Air (4th gen)Oct 23, 2020Yes
iPad Pro (3rd gen) 11-inchMay 24, 2021Yes
iPad Pro (5th gen) 12.9-inchMay 24, 2021Yes
iPad Air (5th gen)Mar 18, 2022Yes
iPad Mini (6th gen)Sep 24, 2021Yes
iPad (10th gen)Oct 26, 2022Yes
iPad Pro (4th gen) 11-inchOct 26, 2022Yes
iPad Pro (6th gen) 12.9-inchOct 26, 2022Yes

iPads With USB-C by Models

Here’s a list of all the iPads that currently have a USB-C port instead of a Lightning Jack:

iPad Pro

Model NameRelease DateUSB-C Port?
iPad Pro (1st gen) 11-inchNovember 7, 2018Yes
iPad Pro (3rd gen) 12.9-inchNovember 7, 2018Yes
iPad Pro (2nd gen) 11-inchMarch 25, 2020Yes
iPad Pro (4th gen) 12.9-inchMarch 25, 2020Yes
iPad Pro (3rd gen) 11-inchMay 24, 2021Yes
iPad Pro (5th gen) 12.9-inchMay 24, 2021Yes
iPad Pro (4th gen) 11-inchOct 26, 2022Yes
iPad Pro (6th gen) 12.9-inchOct 26, 2022Yes

iPad Mini

Model NameRelease DateUSB-C Port?
iPad Mini (6th gen)September 24, 2021Yes

iPad Air

Model NameRelease DateUSB-C Port?
iPad Air (4th gen)October 23, 2020Yes
iPad Air (5th gen)March 18, 2022Yes

Classic iPad

Model NameRelease DateUSB-C Port?
iPad (10th gen)October 26, 2022Yes

Why Does The iPad Need A USB-C Port? (Advantages)

The USB-C port on an iPad has allowed for extensive integration with other peripherals and devices. Long gone are the days when you would need an adapter to connect a camera or a computer to your iPad.

With that said, there are a few advantages to owning a USB-C iPad. These are:

Display Connectivity

USB-C allows for the DisplayPort protocol to be established. However, the maximum resolution that you can harness off your iPad is dependent on what model you have:

Model NameMax ResolutionThunderbolt Display Support
iPad Air (4th generation) / iPad Mini (6th generation)4KNo
iPad Pro 11 inch (1st and 2nd generation) / iPad Pro 1.29 inch (3rd and 4th generation)5KNo
iPad Pro 11 inch (3rd generation) / iPad Pro 12.9 inch (5th generation)6KYes


The iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation) and iPad Pro 12.9 inch (5th generation) also allow for Thunderbolt and USB 4 connections. This also lets these devices charge other iPads, Macbooks, and iPhones. 

If you want to charge the device that’s currently charging the other one, you’ll just need to flip the connections.


You can practically turn your iPad into a laptop with the right accessories. Keyboard for iPad, trackpad/mouse, headphones/earbuds. A lot of people buy USB-C Hubs for their iPads so that they can add more accessories that are wired. More ports mean more gadgets, and you can keep your iPad charging. Perfect right? Most of the hubs offer you a headphone jack, USB 3.0 port, additional USB-C Port, HDMI, and card reader slot. But it varies. A very helpful thing you can buy for your iPad. You can never have too many ports.

Will All The iPads Have USB-C?

All refreshed models of the iPad, the Pro, Air, and mini all have a USB-C port. So, yes, all iPads have USB-C ports now. Besides the older generation iPads like iPad 9th gen. (As one example)

As of yet, we’re yet to see other Apple handheld devices like the iPhone take the leap towards USB-C soon. Instead, it seems like they’ll be opting for a completely cordless experience. So perhaps we will see wireless iPads in the future, or maybe we won’t. Time will tell.

iPad Accessories

There are many reasons why people want USB-C ports on their iPads – connect to a monitor, upload pictures through the wire, and add accessories like keyboards, mice, touchpads, etc.

iPad Pro USB C Hub, 7-in-1 Adapter

You can connect your iPad to a monitor with a USB-C hub. You can add a flash drive and upload pictures and edit them. You can plug in your headphone jacks, and it even has a microSD card slot.

  • HDMI Port
  • SD card reader
  • microSD card reader
  • USB-C Data port
  • USB-C PD port
  • USB 3.0 port
  • Headphone jack

There are many USB-C hubs for iPads, with different ports. We recommend checking USB-C Hubs for iPads articles to find the perfect one with the right ports just for you. They also work with Android Tablets.

Audio Jack
3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

Most iPads don’t have a headphone jack anymore, but with this adapter, you can still attach your favorite wired headphone to your iPad and listen to music, podcasts, watch movies, etc.

Differences Between USB-C & Lightning

Apple introduced the Lightning port in 2012 and USB-C in 2014, and both of these are used for connection communication and power supply. But let’s talk about the key differences.

  • USB-C Is significantly faster

USB-C Transed speeds up to 40GBps while Lightning speeds up to 480MBps. Quite the difference, eh?

  • Compatibility

Lightning is exclusive to iPad. You won’t be able to use it with any other device. USB-C, on the other hand, is compatible with most of the newest technology out there – Android, PS5, Xbox, Windows PC, etc.

  • Higher power delivery rate

USB-C has a higher power delivery rate than Lightning, meaning it will charge your device faster. The lightning cable doesn’t support fast charging.

These are the 3 reasons why we believe USB-C is just a better option. It offers more compatibility, transfers data faster, and it charges your devices faster.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

When Did The iPad Get USB-C

The iPad first came with a USB-C port when it was initially debuted with the iPad Pro 12.9 inch (3rd generation) on November 7, 2018. 

Why Did iPad Change To USB-C?

The iPad changed to USB-C to accommodate a more universal standard used by professionals. Plus, the Lightning Jack is quite an old port and wasn’t able to support the bandwidth needed for faster transfer rates.

Does iPad Air 2022 Have USB-C?

Yes, the iPad Air 2022 equipped with Apple’s M1 chip does have a USB-C port. So, instead of a Lightning port, we’re greeted with USB-C instead.

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