Best iPad Pro Case Compatible with Magic Keyboard

Today, many people use the iPad Pro as a laptop. This device is powerful enough for graphic design, video editing, and so much more. Not to forget that Apple already has gadgets such as Magic Keyboard that pretty much can turn the iPad Pro into a laptop.

So if you plan on doing a lot of typing on your iPad, Magic Keyboard is highly recommended. It is super responsive, and your fingers won’t get tired quickly. But can you throw it in your backpack without a protective case and call it a day?

Do you need an iPad Pro case?

An iPad Pro case is not necessary, especially if you don’t carry your iPad and Magic Keyboard with you everywhere you go. However, those of you who use this device daily should consider buying a protective case.

Surely, Magic Keyboard does come with a sort-of case. But it will not do much if you drop your iPad. On the other hand, a sturdy and high-quality case will keep both your iPad and keyboard safe. So let’s take a look at the available options.

What I look for in an iPad Pro case

Before we start exploring specific models of iPad Pro cases that are compatible with Magic Keyboard, we have to go over a couple of things I look for when shopping:

  • Material – Your iPad will slip out of your hand sooner or later, so it is crucial to have a case that is made of good material.
  • Quality – A case should be built to last. You don’t want your case to fall apart after only one month.
  • Price – Surely, some of the protective cases are overpriced. But if the price tag is justified, I don’t mind paying a bit more for a high-quality product.  

Our top picks

MagEZ Case 2

Pitaka’s MagEZ Case 2 is an ultra-thin protective case with an eyecatching and minimalist design. It is fully compatible with Magic Keyboard and will keep your iPad Pro in place with exceptional magnet power. Not to forget that it has a tiny dent on the side for your Apple Pencil, and you can charge it too.

The carbon fiber pattern on the back could be a fingerprint magnet, and you might want to clean your cover more often than before. However, this case will provide complete protection to your iPad Pro, which is what we are looking for here. The only real downside is the price.


Material – Polyurethane and aramid fiber

Weight – 82g / 0.18lbs or 115g / 0.25lbs

Color – Black/grey and black/blue

Extras – Raised ridges around the camera for lens protection

SwitchEasy CoverBuddy

SwitchEasy is a well-known name among Apple enthusiasts, and their protective cases are legendary. Designed for the complete protection of an iPad Pro, CoverBuddy will cover the sides and the back of your device. Furthermore, it features a pencil slot at the top that allows wireless charging.

The best part of the CoverBuddy is the magnet that keeps your Magic Keyboard attached and in place. The inside of the case is covered with microfiber material, so there will be no scratches or damage on your iPad Pro.


Material – Microfiber and plastic

Weight – 107g / 0.23lbs

Color – Black and white

Extras – Pencil holder

STM Dux Shell

If you want to protect your Magic Keyboard and iPad, STM Dux Shell is a great choice. It does look a bit bulky at first, but that’s okay because it is clear your iPad will be fully protected. And the best part is that this iPad case is designed to withstand hard falls. 

Unfortunately, STM Dux Shell comes in just one color – black. But the back panel is completely transparent so you can customize it to your liking. Of course, there is a pencil holder at the top, so you can quickly recharge your Apple Pencil. 


Material – Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Weight – 172g / 0.37lbs

Color – Black

Extras – Pencil holder

doqo Magnetic Case

Doqo’s magnetic case is the most budget-friendly option for those of you who don’t want to spend a lot of money on an iPad Pro cover. The design is sleek and elegant, without any flashy details, and it fits your device perfectly. The iPad will stay in place thanks to magnets.

With that said, if you are looking for protection, you won’t get it with this case. It looks great, but chances are your iPad Pro will get damaged if you drop it on a hard surface. Overall, this case is ideal for those who are on a tight budget.


Material – Polyurethane

Weight – 144g / 317g

Color – Gray

Extras – None

Quick comparison table

ProductsMaterial UsedOverall ScorePrice
1.MagEZ Case 2Polyurethane and aramid fiber9/10$59.49
2.SwitchEasy CoverBuddyMicrofiber and plastic7/10$49.99
3.STM Dux ShellThermoplastic Polyurethane8/10$69.95
4.doqo Magnetic CasePolyurethane7/10$39.99


Can I use a case with an Apple Magic Keyboard?

Absolutely! But you can’t use every single case with the Magic Keyboard. The case should have magnets to keep your iPad Pro in place. It will allow you to work on your tablet as comfortably as possible.

How good is the Magic Keyboard as a case?

It is good enough if you only use your iPad in your home. Magic Keyboard will make your iPad look like a laptop, and it is pretty minimalist. But if you have a habit of carrying your iPad Pro around, you need some extra protection.

Is it worth buying Magic Keyboard?

If you want to take your iPad Pro to a whole new level, the answer is yes. Magic Keyboard is one of the best options in the market right now. It is slim, light, and compatible with Apple products. Not to forget that this keyboard is surprisingly comfortable, has backlit keys, and the trackpad is not bad either.

Final words

Finding a high-quality protective case that supports a Magic Keyboard could be difficult. While there are many excellent cases out there right now, not all have magnetic features. We have selected four products we think are worth your time.

And honestly, cases that support Magic Keyboard are quite rare, so your options are limited.

So, have fun shopping for your new iPad Pro and iPad Air case!

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