I’m personally one of those people who have to turn on Netflix before bedtime. It helps me to fall asleep a bit faster, and the process is more enjoyable.

Without an iPad stand, you have to hold the iPad in your hands, or you have to put it on a pillow, and the angles are never right.

I recommend getting a specific iPad stand for the bed. They will take your iPad and chill game to the next level. Here are the best iPad stands for beds.

Flippy iPad Stand For Bed

flipp ipad stand for bed
Image Credits: Amazon

The Flippy iPad stand is my favorite. It has three viewing angles. You can use it with tablets, phones, books, ebooks, etc. The design is very comfy.

I use it in bed, but you can easily use it on the sofa or in the car, chair, or even kitchen when you are cooking something delicious.

It’s the perfect accessory if you like to watch movies in bed on your iPad.

Kids love it, too, but if you tend to buy it for kids specifically, be aware that the iPad isn’t attached to the stand.

What makes it unique is the storage in the middle. You can store cables, keys, earbuds, etc., there.

The Flippy stand comes in a variety of colors: Gray, Blue, Miami Blue, Nebbiolo, Kiwi, etc.

This iPad stand for bed is designed by Bruce and Juliette, who are married. I guess they love to watch movies in bed, too.

Fits all tablets ranging from 5 inches to 13 inches

Ontel Pillow for iPad

pillow stand for ipad
Image Credits: Amazon

Ontel Pillow stand for iPad was made so people can relax in beds and couches while watching something on iPad.

The stand has multiple viewing angles and a pocket at the side, where you can place your phone or anything else.

The material makes the stand ultra-soft, lightweight, sturdy, and long-lasting.

Its cover is washable and available in three colors: blue, gray, and burgundy. It can be effortlessly rolled out, squeezed, and compactly stowed in a backpack.

Fits all tablets ranging from 5 inches to 13 inches

Tablift iPad Stand

Tablift iPad Stand
Image Credits: Amazon

One of the most popular tablet stands for bed with 7000+ purchases on Amazon. In the USA alone – Tablitft stand.

The Tablitft stand is a very flexible mount that allows multiple angles. It solves the ergonomic problem by lifting up your device at the right angle so it’s eye-level. No need to lift your neck. Which relieves your neck from pain.

You can literally use it with any tablet. It has universal compatibility.

The legs of the stand stay in place and bend easily to fit any surface.

Whether you’re sitting on the sofa or lying in bed, the Tablift lets you position your tablet at just the right angle for the best viewing experience and comfort.

Due to the flexible legs of the stand, you can adjust it in a variety of ways and enjoy movies on it together with your significant other.

Fits all tablets ranging from 5 inches to 13 inches

iProp Tablet Stand

iprop Tablet stand
Image Credits: Amazon

The iProp stand conforms to any flat or irregular surface, which makes it perfect to use in bed. Just drop it wherever in bed, where it’s the most comfortable, attach your iPad, and boom, you have the perfect movie night.

The case, crafted from non-slip silicone, ensures your iPad’s back remains scratch-free. Its versatile design allows you to position your device in either portrait or landscape mode.

The design refrains from gripping your device but relies on gravity to secure it. Therefore, maintaining a slight backward tilt is necessary to prevent your device from accidentally slipping off the shelf.

Overall, it’s a great stand that can be used in bed, chair, sofa, car, airplane, etc.

Fits all tablets ranging from 5 inches to 13 inches

Lamicall Tablet Pillow Stand

lamicall ipad stand
Image Credits: Amazon

Lamicall Pillow Stand has four viewing angles. The stand is covered with soft material, and it is very elastic.

It’s an excellent option for reading on the iPad, as well as for activities like watching movies and playing games. Offering a more optimal viewing experience, it promotes a healthier posture and ensures your neck remains relaxed.

You can place your iPad on the stand in landscape mode or in portrait mode.

You can even do some drawing on this stand in bed. The angles allow you to work ergonomically with your iPad at eye-level.

Fits all tablets ranging from 5 inches to 13 inches

Adjustable Table Stand by Samhousing

Tablet Stand Adjustable
Image Credits: Amazon

This is the most flexible tablet stand on the list, the viewing angles are countless you can even rotate it by 360 degrees, but it’s not for everyone. You have to have a bed with a backrest where you can attach the stand.

It’s a cheap product. I wouldn’t count on longevity with this one.

It’s a very niche stand for a very narrow audience that wants to watch something on their iPads in bed. The stand itself is sturdy if you are not touching it. If you start touching it, it gets wobbly.

Fits all tablets 4.5-inches to 12.9-inches.

Lamicall Gooseneck

Lamicall Gooseneck
Image Credits: Amazon

Lamicall gooseneck stand is a great option under certain circumstances. You need to have a nightstand next to your bed, or you need to have a bed with a headboard. Otherwise, you won’t be able to attach it anywhere.

It’s created for viewing and reading. When you try to work on your iPad using this stand, it will wobble unavoidably because of its design principle of structure.

The stand is very adjustable, and you can rise it perfectly to eye level.

Fits all tablets 4-inches to 11-inches.

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