Contrary to popular belief, iPad folio cases serve a dual purpose, extending beyond mere protection to encompass style and aesthetics. They offer users the opportunity to tailor the appearance of their iPad, with a diverse range of colors, materials, and designs available. Beyond aesthetics, these cases function as versatile stands, allowing users to position their iPads at various angles—ideal for watching Netflix, movies, YouTube videos, or any other content. The flexibility of the stand even facilitates comfortable movie-watching in bed.

Additionally, the folio case incorporates a practical sleep and wake function. When you close the cover, your iPad gracefully enters sleep mode, conserving battery life. Conversely, upon opening the cover, the iPad seamlessly awakens, eliminating the need to press any buttons. In essence, iPad folio cases blend protection, style, and functionality seamlessly, enhancing the overall user experience.

I wanted to buy a Folio case for my iPad, and I settled for a Pitaka Folio Case. I figured I would share my experience with it and how I use it since it might be helpful to iPad users who are looking for a case.

Pitaka Folio Magez Case 2

Colors:Black, White, Light Blue
Material:PU Leather
Viewing Angles:Four
Pencil Holder:Yes
Compatibility:iPad Pro, iPad Air
Landscape and Portrait:Yes
Auto Sleep & Wake Function:Yes

It’s a good-looking Folio case, lightweight 8.46 o.z (240g) (iPad Pro 11-inch model). It also works in tandem with the Pitaka Magez Case 2 in case you want more protection. The magnets on the folio case are strong and hold your iPad firmly.

ipad folio case with ipad pro and apple pencil handing in air testing magnets


Pitaka Folio’s case offers four angles: 34 degrees, 53 degrees, 57 degrees, and 62 degrees.

The 53°, 57°, and 62° are made for watching movies, videos, reading, browsing the web, and online shopping. It just gets you the right eye-level angle on your iPad. The angles work also if you plan to use the iPad as a second monitor for your MacBook.

The 34° angle, on the other hand, provides the perfect inclination for sketching, drawing, and taking notes on your iPad.


The Pitaka Folio case is versatile—it’s great for watching movies on the sofa or in bed, perfect for note-taking and drawing, and adds a stylish touch to your iPad, depending on personal taste. It’s a great accessory to buy for your iPad that adds overall value.

pitaka folio case with ipad on sofa

The case includes an Apple Pencil holder designed to protect your pen in case it accidentally detaches. Personally, I find the iPad’s side magnets to be quite strong, making it unlikely for the Apple Pencil to detach. This feature may be more useful for classic iPads without side magnets. My point is that the pencil holder felt unnecessary.

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