How To Stop iPad From Going To Sleep

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iPads’ automatic sleep mode can be quite inconvenient, often interrupting your workflow, so how to stop iPad from going to sleep?

In order to prevent your iPad from going to sleep you will need to go to Settings, Display & Brightness, Auto-Lock, and change it to never. When you do that your iPad will only go to sleep if you click the power button or close your folio case.

Let me show you have you can do it step-by-step.

How To Prevent iPad From Going To Sleep – Step by Step

Auto-Lock is used to turn your display off after it has not been touched or used for an extended period of time. By turning it off, you can keep your iPad screen on indefinitely. Here’s how you can disable Auto-Lock:

how to stop ipad screen from going to sleep
  • Open the “Settings” app on your iPad.
  • In the Settings menu, select “Display & Brightness.”
  • Under the “Auto-Lock” section, tap on the current time duration (e.g., 2 minutes, 5 minutes, etc.).
  • Choose “Never” from the list of options to disable the auto-lock feature.
  • Your iPad will now stay awake until you manually put it to sleep by pressing the power button. Or if you close your folio case.

After doing so, you won’t be plagued with your display just turning off regardless of whether you touch your iPad’s display or not. Do note, though, if you use your iPad as a secondary display, you do not need to disable Auto-Lock as your iPad’s screen.

Here’s also a YouTube short where we show how to prevent iPad from going to sleep and auto-lock:

Will Keeping Your iPad Awake Cause Issues?

Keeping your iPad awake for extended periods can potentially cause a few issues:

  1. Battery drain: It will consume more battery power, requiring frequent charging.
  2. Overheating: Continuous usage can lead to overheating, affecting performance and potentially damaging the device.
  3. Reduced performance: Background processes and system maintenance tasks may be delayed, resulting in slower performance and occasional lags.
  4. Screen burn-in: Extended display of static content can lead to screen burn-in, causing ghosting or image retention.

To mitigate these issues, adjust screen timeout settings or use specific apps to temporarily disable sleep mode while optimizing power consumption.

Disable Automatic Software Updates

If you’ve ever used a Windows machine, you’d have already realized how annoying it is to be constantly plagued with software updates that seem to have a mind of their own. In the middle of an important download, you’ll often see your PC restarting only for it to succumb to a software update.

While it is very rare for a situation like this to occur with Apple devices since they don’t tend to force updates, Here’s how you can disable Automatic Software Updates on an iPad:

  • Open the Settings application on your iPad
  • After doing so, select General
  • Now, head to Software Update
  • Select Automatic Updates
  • Now, disable Download iOS Updates and Install iOS Updates

Don’t Forget To Charge Your iPad Up

Sadly, iPads don’t run infinitely. And you’ll need to charge them up to keep your iPad screen up and running. There are two ways we recommend charging up your iPad, both of which are suitable for particular situations:

Learn How To Enable and Disable Low Power Mode on iPad To Save Battery

Method 1: Wired Charging

All the latest iPads have USB-C port, and it’s exactly what is sounds like you just plug it in and start charging your iPad. It should take about 3 hours to charge your iPad, depending on what iPad model you have and how many watts does your iPad charger has.

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Method 2: Wireless Charging

Wireless charging? Huh?! The iPad doesn’t support wireless charging, right? Well no. The iPad does not support wireless charging out of the box. But, there are a few that dare and create something unique.

And, with Pitaka’s MagEZ Case Pro for the iPad Pro 3rd, 4th gen (11-inch) & 5th, 6th gen (12.9-inch) you’ll be able to charge your iPad wirelessly. The included PigtaFlow charger simply magnetically connects to your case and you’ll be able to immediately enjoy fast and stable wireless charging.

The unique advantage of this particular charging solution is you’ll still be able to charge your Apple Pencil and use your Magic Keyboard as well. I’ve personally used this case on my desk, and its quite convenient to not need to go into connecting and disconnecting cables in my workstation.

So, I can just remove the wireless charger and take the iPad on the go. And, when I really need to dock it in and ensure that my iPad’s screen is on, the wireless charging solution is there for the rescue.

Should I Turn My Tablet Off When I’m Not Using It?


Keeping your iPad on constantly has turned into a necessity for those who wish to really use the iPad as a workstation and a replacement alternative for their laptop. Thankfully, with innovative products such as the Pitaka MagEZ Case Pro, you’ll be able to experience hinder-free charging and usage in no time. 

MagEZ Case Pro

iPad Case that will allow charging your iPad Wirelessly

Compatible with:

  • 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2022 (6th Gen)
  • 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2021 (5th Gen)
  • 11 inch iPad Pro 2022 (4th Gen)
  • 11 inch iPad Pro 2021(3rd Gen)
MagEZ Stand for Tablets

Magnetic stand for iPad with Qi Wireless charging base

Compatible with:

  • (MagEZ Charging Stand) Use with MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Pro 2022/2021 and iPad mini 6
  • (MagEZ Stand) Use with MagEZ Case 2 for iPad Pro/Air 2018/2020/2021/2022


Why Does my iPad Screen Keep Turning Off?

Your iPad screen keeps turning off if you haven’t disabled Auto Lock. You can change this setting by heading to Display & Brightness and adjusting it accordingly.

Does Keeping My iPad On Constantly Harm The Screen?

No, keeping your iPad constantly does not harm your screen. However, we do recommend turning it off whenever you aren’t using it to preserve its overall battery life.

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