Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Review: is it the iPad Pro beater?

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Being connected with the internet is becoming our necessity for various reasons. Whether we are a student or office-going professional or a gamer, or anyone else, we need to connect to this fascinating world of enormous data streams.

At times the concept presented in the movie “Matrix” seems to be true, as we relate to the internet in a similar fashion, and every person is holding two to three IPs.

With this technology need we require a number of devices which are portable, can connect us on the go, and fit for all kinds of our needs. Although we have laptops and mobile devices to fulfill our needs but due to the ever-extending desires of human beings, we are looking for a solution that resides in between laptops and mobile phones.

As we require the computational power near to a laptop and the portability of the mobile phones. So, Samsung Tab S8 is one of the tablets which promises to fulfill our such needs. It claims to be when it comes to fitting all our needs unless something more robust comes up. 

Is that so? Let’s explore this beauty in terms of design, features, value, performance, and cost. 

Image Credit: Samsung

Samsung Tab S8 – Power Pack

Samsung Group, a Korean conglomerate when founded in 1938, would have never thought it could go so far in technology. In 2017, Samsung Electronics became the world’s largest IT electronic company. In 2010, Samsung jumped into the tablet business with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0. 

Now the company is offering a number of Tablet series which target and fulfill ever-changing user requirements. Following are some tablet series offered by Samsung Electronics.

  • Samsung Tab A Series
  • Samsung Tab S Series
  • Samsung Tab E Series

Today we are going to uncover everything around the Samsung Tab S8, which belongs to the high-end S series of the product line. Samsung Galaxy S8 is expecting to surpass the closest rival, Apple’s iPad, as its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 competed for the same.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is a perfect match for the tech-hungry people, who care less about the price and wonder more about top-notch performance. Although Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has already outdone Apple’s iPad, now the company is going to do the same with Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.

Samsung is launching Galaxy Tab S8 with two more variants, Galaxy S8 Plus and S8 Ultra, that have some common functionalities. We will discuss this later in the article.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ratings 

For Movies:10
For Notes-Taking:10
For Drawing:10
For Gaming:10
For Reading:9
For Photo-Editing:10
For Video-Calls:10
For Web-Surfing/Social-Media:10


OSAndroid 12, One UI 4.1
DisplayTFT, 120Hz
RAM8/12 GB
CPUOcta-core (1×3.00 GHz Cortex-X2 & 3×2.50 GHz Cortex-A710 & 4×1.80 GHz Cortex-A510)
GPUAdreno 730
Battery8000 mAh
Storage128GB, 256GB
MicroSD ExpansionmicroSDXC (dedicated slot)
Camera13/6MP (rear), 12MP (front)
PriceFrom $699.99
ColorsGraphite, Silver, Pink Gold
Dimensions253.8 x 165.3 x 6.3 mm (9.99 x 6.51 x 0.25 in)
Weight507g (1.11 lb)

What’s Inside the Box

The following items are inside the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 box:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8
  • S Pen
  • Data Cable
  • Ejection Pin

Image Credit: Samsung

Pros & Cons


  • Bright Display
  • High-end battery life
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Great Performance
  • Stylus


  • TFT display
  • A bit costly
  • Average camera performance on ultrawide and zoomed shots
  • No charger

Features of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

  • Display: Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a bright & beautiful display that dynamically adjusts the refresh rate up to 120Hz. The thing which loyal Samsung users will definitely miss is the AMOLED, as it comes with a TFT LCD, which is a huge disappointment for Samsung users.  
  • Price: It is the cheapest among the trio of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, S8 Plus, and S8 ultra as its price starts at $699.99 and the other variant in the family is priced at $899.99 and $1099.99, respectively.
  • Speakers: Samsung installed 4 stereo speakers at the edges of the Galaxy Tab S8, which provide a louder effect. The only shortcoming of the speakers is that it is not good for bass-heavy tracks, as it sounds thin on such tracks.
  • Camera: Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 offers a real deal in terms of cameras. It provides sharp image quality and shoots videos at 4k resolution equally with the help of 12MP front and 13/6MP rare cameras. Auto-framing feature is just icing on the cake. The rear camera, at times, lacks ultrawide and zoom shots. 
  • Battery-Life: As far as the battery is concerned, Galaxy Tab S8 is far better than its closest competitors, even with iPads. Its battery lasts up to 13 hours on a single charge. 
  • Storage: Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 offers two variants with respect to internal memory. One is 128 GB, and another one is 256 GB plus a dedicated microSD slot which can be used to further increase the internal memory. But remember there is no free lunch available, if you want to go for higher storage of 256 GB you must pay extra.  
  • Design: Sleek and slim design makes Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 the right choice for everyone. It has the perfect placement of speakers, volume keys, a power button, and a bump for the rear camera. All the things are placed perfectly, which makes the device comfortable to carry and gives a professional look. 
  • Portability: Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 comes in 11” size and makes it easier to carry even after the cover keyboard attached with this beauty; it is quite easy to carry anywhere.

What’s New Compared to Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 surpasses its predecessor Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 in a number of things and proves to be a worthy successor. Following are some of the changes we have noticed in the Samsung Galaxy S8:

  1. Better Processor: Samsung introduces Galaxy S8 with the latest 8 Gen 1 processor which offers higher clock speed and faster memory with powerful GPU, while on the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S7 has a two-generation-old processor.
  2. Improved Camera: The latest gadgethas an upgraded rear camera sensor than Samsung Galaxy S7. The 5MP rear camera sensor of Galaxy Tab S7 was upgraded with the 6MP and front camera updated from 12MP to 13MP in Samsung Galaxy S8.
  3. Enhanced Connectivity: The Tab S8 has better connectivity options as compared to Tab S7, as it has Bluetooth 5.2 and WIFI 6E support while on the other hand, Tab S7 has Bluetooth 5.0 and WIFI 6 options.
  4. Better OS upgrades: As the Tab S7 is an old version so it has fewer OS upgrades left while on the other hand Samsung Galaxy S8 is the new hunk in town, so definitely it will be getting updates by three to four years.
  5. S Pen Algorithm: Although both the tablets come with S Pen support, but the thing which supersedes Samsung Galaxy S8 is the addition of Samsung’s very own prediction algorithm which helps Tab S8 to generate drawings and makes the writing strokes more natural. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

In this section, we will try to compare an apple with an Apple more deeply. I mean, we will compare Samsung Galaxy S8 with its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S7. Although it is obvious that Tab S8 will win the race by a huge margin, still, S7 has its own standing. 

Both the Tabs are similar in physical appearance, as they both have an 11” TFT display with 120 Hz refresh rate, 1600 x 2500 resolution, and 9.99 x 6.51 x 0.25 dimensions. Another similarity between them is the quad speakers, 8000mAh batteries, and 45W charging.

Although both have similarities, they are still apart from each other. It is worth noting that internal memory is still something on which Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has the upper hand over Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, as it has 512 GB of internal memory while Samsung Galaxy S8 just supports 256 GB of storage.

If you are short on budget and your Galaxy Tab S7 is working fine, then you do not need to spend extra money on buying the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is still providing decent features at a reasonable price, starting from $499.99.

But if you do not have an issue with the budget , and you are the one who loves to be updated, then go ahead with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 as it offers you better performance, camera, and most importantly, longer operating system support.

Have a look at the  complete comparison of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 with Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 to understand better:

DeviceSamsung Galaxy Tab S8Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
OSAndroid 12, One UI 4.1Android 10, One UI 4
CPUOcta-core (Cortex-X2, Cortex-A710, Cortex-A510)Octa-core Kryo 585
GPUAdreno 730Adreno 650
Storage128GB, 256GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB
BatteryLi-Po 8000 mAhLi-Po 8000 mAh
DisplayTFT, 120HzTFT, 120Hz
Dimensions9.99 x 6.51 x 0.25 in9.99 x 6.51 x 0.25 in
Weight1.11 lb1.10 lb
CameraDual 13MP/6MP (Rear), 12MP (Front)Dual 13MP/5MP (Rear), 8MP (Front)
PriceStarting from $699.99Starting from $499.99

Who is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 for? 

As per Samsung’s claim, the new Galaxy Tab S8 is the biggest, boldest, most versatile tablet ever. The power pack machine offers some distinct features which are best for the following:

  • Pro Gamers
  • People who love to edit videos, photos, and drawings on the go
  • Movie Buffs
  • Vloggers
  • Professional video calling experience
  • Professionals required to share files quickly and safely (Samsung Dex support)
  • Students

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is the best option for gaming, video and picture editing, and for a professional video calling experience. It offers the combo of outstanding aesthetics and performance, because of which it can be a choice of masses.

Alternatives/Competitor of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Although the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 is the talk of the town nowadays there are other companies that are in competition with Samsung and offer similar specifications. Let’s have a look at other competitors of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro

  Image Credit: Lenovo

If you are looking for an alternative to Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 then Lenovo P12 Pro can be a great fit for your purpose. It offers some good features to support gaming, video editing, video conferencing, and other productive activities at a price starting from $699.99. The following are some of its features

  • Sleek design
  • Precession Pen Support
  • Fingerprint authentication
  • Long battery time with quick charging
  • Extended software support up to Android 12L

iPad Air 5th Gen (2021)


Apple has its own fan following and a loyal Apple user won’t shift to any other brand, so as an alternative, users who are in love with Apple products can go for the iPad Air (2022), which is a substitute for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. It has been launched with the following features:

  • IPS 10.9” Display 
  • Support Latest iPadOS 
  • M1 Chip
  • 8 core CPU/GPU
  • 16 Core Neural Engine for Machine Learning
  • Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard
  • Price $599

iPad Pro (2021)

ipad pro 2021 5th gen

and of course the direct competitor to the S series of Samsung Tablet – iPad Pro 5th gen which was released in 2021 summer.

Apple has its own fan following and a loyal Apple user won’t shift to any other brand, so as an alternative, users who are in love with Apple products can go for the iPad Pro (2021), which is a substitute for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. It has been launched with the following features:

  • IPS 11”, 12.9” Display 
  • Support up to Latest iPadOS 
  • M1 Chip
  • 8 core CPU/GPU
  • 16 Core Neural Engine for Machine Learning
  • Unmatchable Internal staorage up to 2 TB
  • Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard
  • Price starting from $799 (11” variant), and $1099 (12.9” variant)

Although Apple iPad (2021) was launched in April 2021 but it has an upper hand over Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 with respect to internal storage, Memory, and Screen Size. But people have to spend some extra bucks for all these features. 


DeviceLenovo P12 ProGalaxy Tab S8iPad Air (2022)iPad Pro (2021)
OSAndroid 11Android 12, One UI 4.1iPad OS 15.4iPad OS 15.4
CPUOcta-core (Kyro-585)Octa-core (Cortex-X2, Cortex-A710, Cortex-A510)Octa-coreOcta-core
GPUAdreno 650Adreno 730Octa-CoreOcta-core
Storage128GB, 256GB128GB, 256GB64GB, 256GB128GB to 2TB
Battery10200mAhLi-Po 8000 mAhLi-Ion (28.6 Wh)Li-Po(40.88Wh)
Display12.6″ AMOLED (1600×2560) 11” TFT, 120Hz10.9” Li-Ion (28.6 Wh)11inch & 12.9 inch (2048×2732)
Dimensions11.24 x 7.26 x 0.22 in9.99 x 6.51 x 0.25 in9.75 x 7.03 x 0.24 in11.05 x 8.46 x 0.25 in
Weight1.25 lb1.11 lb1.02 lb1.5lbs

FAQs on Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Why does Samsung Tab S8 have a better S Pen than Tab S7?

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 comes with an S Pen, which supports Samsung’s very own predictive algorithm that gives the writing drawing a more realistic look and feel. You can definitely feel a difference between them, but not as big as you might think.

Does Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 support the calling option?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 supports Nano Sim, and it has the support of all the mobile network technologies, notably 5G networks. Although it comes with a single sim option, it is enough to serve its purpose. 

What are the major differences between Tab S7 and Tab S8?

The only thing in which Samsung Galaxy S7 has superseded Tab S8 is the support of greater internal storage, which is 512 GB, but in all other departments, Galaxy Tab S8 has easily defeated Tab S7.

Final Thoughts

Speaking of performance, aesthetics, and productivity, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 seems and feels like mastering all. It is a power pack premium tablet that offers unique features. All in all, it is suitable for all kinds of needs, from entertainment to productivity. It makes a great device if you want to watch movies, it makes a great device if you want to draw/edit photos and take notes and it makes a hell of a device if you want to play games on it, overall it’s one of the best tablets that are available and with that, there’s an argument to be made – maybe it’s even better than iPad Pro?

If you ask me – I don’t know, maybe I am a bit biased because I’ve been using iPad Pro for years now and I’m really attached to it and S8 seems really great and performance-wise it pretty much equal and even better, but to me I prefer iPad Pro over S8, but like I said I might be biased on this one. If I remove all my emotions and biased options S8 is better than the iPad based only on specifications and stats, but then again, that’s not the most important thing when it comes to devices, right? I will let you decide which is better, but overall it’s definitely a great tablet worth owning.

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