Sometimes, iPads have more than just one user, and you would like to keep some apps private. Apple officially doesn’t allow you to password-protect apps, but with their official shortcut app, you can set passwords on Apps.

In this article, I’m going to show you a cool shortcut on iPads that allows you to set passwords on apps, and if someone enters an incorrect password, your iPad will automatically take a selfie, so you know who has tried to lurk around.

How To Put Passwords on iPad Apps

  • Open the ‘Shortcut’ App
  • Add a New Shortcut by tapping the ‘+’at the top right corner
  • Find ‘Ask For Input’
  • Set the input type to ‘Number’ and customize the prompt to ‘Enter Password’
  • Add another action, specifically ‘If’
  • If the password is correct, configure the action to ‘Open App’
  • For an incorrect password, set up actions such as capturing a photo using the ‘Front’ camera and saving it to ‘Recents.’

This is how it should look:

ipad shortcut set password

You are not done yet. Now you need to replace this shortcut bookmark with the original App.

  • Use Google to find the logo you want.
  • Save the logo to iPads photos.
  • Return to the ‘Shortcut’ app.
  • Rename the shortcut accordingly.
  • Tap ‘Add to Home Screen.’
  • Choose the custom photo icon.
choose photo

Now, you should see another Instagram(or whichever app you choose) icon on your home screen. I recommend removing the original one from the Home Screen and leaving only the new Shortcut app.

Now, when someone taps on the Instagram app, they will be asked to enter a passcode you set, and if they enter incorrectly, the iPad will take a selfie and save it to photos.

Download the Shortcut.

This is not bulletproof security. The person opening the app can notice that it’s a shortcut, not a real app, and find the original app in the app library, but it’s a nice trick for kids and inexperienced iOS users who are not familiar with Shortcuts.

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