9 Things To Check If Your Apple Pencil Keeps Disconnecting

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What to do when your Apple Pencil keeps disconnecting while using it? Or even worse – it is not pairing up with the device? Don’t worry because you are not the only user who has encountered these issues.

If your Apple Pencil is not broken, you can fix these problems in just a few minutes.

Make Sure It’s Compatible

First things first – if your Apple Pencil won’t pair with an iPad, you have to find out if they are compatible.

Here’s the compatibility list.

The newer iPads Pro and Air won’t connect with Apple Pencil 1. Check the list to make sure your iPad is compatible with your Pencil.

Is Your iPad Bluetooth On?

Sometimes, we turn off Bluetooth by mistake, and that is understandable. Or someone else do it for us. However, it might be why your Apple Pencil won’t pair. You can quickly check if the Bluetooth is off by swiping down on the upper right corner to launch the Control Center. If that option is not available, go to Settings and find the Bluetooth tab. There, you can switch on Bluetooth again. 

The Pencil connects to the iPad via Bluetooth, so if there are any issues with the Bluetooth connection, the pencil may disconnect frequently. Try turning Bluetooth off and then back on again, or resetting the iPad’s network settings.

Check The Tip

Users who are just getting familiar with Apple Pencil might not know that the tip can become loose. It could cause your pencil to stop working completely. Take a closer look at the tip as you press it against the iPad screen. Is it the wobbly? If the answer is yes, use your fingers to get it back in place and screw it back in.

Also, tips can wear out, especially if you are a digital illustrator who uses Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Lightroom, and Photoshop every day. So always keep a spare Apple Pencil tip close to you.

Low battery

If you have noticed that your Apple Pencil is glitching or disconnecting, look at the battery percentage. Apple has a nifty widget(simply add a new widget – batteries) that will tell you how much battery you have left on any Apple device connected to your iPad.

You can keep it on the home screen. Apple Pencil might not work when the battery is low, so you can either use your charger (if you have the 1st generation Apple Pencil) or your iPad to recharge the pencil.

Outdated Software

Outdated software: If either the iPad or the Apple Pencil has outdated software, it could cause connectivity issues. Ensure the iPad and the Apple Pencil are updated to the latest iOS software versions.

Disconnect & Reconnect the Pencil

When Apple Pencil keeps disconnecting, there might be something wrong with the Bluetooth connection. First, check the devices connected to your iPad. You can do so in the Bluetooth tab in Settings. There should be a list that includes your Apple Pencil too. If it is not showing up, try plugging it into the iPad (1st generation Apple Pencil). Once you see it on the list, tap the Information button next to the Apple Pencil. Then choose to Forget This Device. It will enable you to reconnect your Apple Pencil to your iPad.

It’s also a good idea to forget devices that you don’t use anymore.

Restart the iPad

If none of the above tips are working, it is time to restart your iPad. It will allow your devices to pair once again since they are connected via Bluetooth.

If nothing works from the above suggestions there should be a problem with either the iPad or the Pencil itself and we suggest taking them to the local specialist that can take a look or use a warranty.

Interference from other devices

If there are any other Bluetooth devices nearby, they may interfere with the connection between the iPad and the Apple Pencil. Try moving the devices farther apart or turning off other Bluetooth devices.

Hardware issues

If none of the above solutions work, there may be a hardware issue with one of your devices. Try contacting Apple Support for technical assistance.

Customer Support

If nothing works and you don’t know what else to do, there’s an option you can reach out to Apple’s customer support, but if there’s a common error they usually update the software, so it’s unlikely they will be able to help you since we already covered the most common problems.


Which iPads can’t use an Apple Pencil?

Some older iPad models don’t support Apple Pencil at all. The list includes classic iPad (1st to 5th generation), iPad Mini (1st to 4th generation), and iPad Air (1st and 2nd generation). However, you can still use these iPads for note-taking because they can pair with some styluses.

How to identify which Apple Pencil I have?

If you are new to the world of Apple Pencils, you might have a hard time figuring out which generation you have. Luckily, the two models are super different, so you can find out which Apple Pencil you have by just looking at it. The 1st generation has a removable cap at the top, and underneath is a lightning port you use for charging. The pencil is also cylindrical. The 2nd generation doesn’t have a cap at the top. Instead, it has a flat edge for charging.

How to charge 1st generation Apple Pencil?

1st generation offers two options. You can plug it into your iPad by using the lightning port or grab your standard Apple charger with the tiny adapter you got with your pencil. And don’t worry because Apple Pencils recharge quickly. You can get back to drawing or taking notes in no time.

How to charge 2nd generation Apple Pencil?

You have only one charging option for the 2nd generation Apple Pencil. If your iPad is compatible with this pencil, it should have a magnetic connector on the right side. Place the Apple Pencil there, and it will start charging right away.

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